First time wifi setup


Hi All
I just got the Flux3dp. I still cannot connect it. Is it, the first time setup must be carried out through USB?

Would like to confirm, can I use the laptop to connect to it via wifi directly? There is no wifi router.

I never see the Flux3dp in the list of wifi of my MacBook Pro! :confused:



This link may help.

If not use the search feature in this forum as it may already be answered. I don’t use a mac so I can’t help you on that part. The first print/setup is the hardest part once thats done its a super easy printer to use.


You should be able to see it in your Mac under Airport wifi list. Once Flux is up for couple of minutes and the lights show it is looking for wifi connection, turn off your Airport on your Mac, then turn it on again and look for new wifi connection in your Airport listing. If you have automatically connected to your LAN, disconnect and look for Flux’s wifi signal in the list. It should be there. Once you are connected to Flux with your Mac, you can go through its wifi setting procedure so it does recognize your LAN. While you are doing this, you will not have access to your LAN. It has been almost a year since I did mine, I cannot remember all the details.
Good luck

Printer sent back but broken

hi, i had the same problem when i got my Flux Delta +, you will need a wifi router for wifi setup. this is if you have wifi : its pretty easy i contacted support and they walked me through,
first power up the printer then go to you pc and download the latest version of Flux studio i dont recommend downloading the unstable one as its very buggy, take the latest stable one you can download it from here
when you’ve got flux studio setup leave it aside (your machine will still not be connected). ok now to the connection part, check the flux delta button and make sure its white, if its not remove the power and plugin again. then go to your wifi settings and find the flux delta + hotspot, and connect to it, when it asks for the password put ‘‘flux-delta’’ without the quotes then when you connected go to flux studio and press ctrl+N then it will open the add machine menu press add machine through wifi and it should detect it (you should be connected to your flux delta hotspot), then simply setup your machine name and password and you should be ready to go! :slight_smile: .

USB: you will have to install the usb driver (available on the link above) then open flux studio (must be the latest version) and connect your machine with your macbook pro then ctrl+N and press USB connection and it should be detected. if not then im afraid you will have to get a router or use a data hotspot with your phone for the first time.

other things: i had flux studio 0.6.3 and the wifi connected i had to upgrade to 0.7.3 to get it connected through USB.

Hope this helps!

How does the Flux USB to USB cable work?

this didnt work i spent 8 hours trying to get it work!


you’ll have to put the password as flux-delta, i got it working on march-13, received it on march 12th the setup details on the website are outdated and dont work anymore!


Thanks. It is resolved. :slight_smile:


@Erictsn, if you have resolved the wifi connection to your Mac, you should put here the steps you undertook to help other new comers.

Can not connect to Flux After Upgraded, Up firmware and Reset
Cannot Setup Via Wifi

I just install the USB driver for my OSX and use the mini usb cable to config the wifi router. That is! :slight_smile:


happy to find out it works!

i reccomend printing a glider with a launcher, its a fun little thing to play with! the glider,
and the launcher: , go the the thing files section and click launcher.stl and you will download the launcher file, dont try to scale it down much, keep it as big as it can be! 85% worked for me, im not sure if its this glider which i scaled to 85% so try to keep it at the biggest scale possible to make it fly well(closest to original size).


oops! you should try the glider too!


Hello! This blog helped me a lot when I was setting up wi-fi. Hope it’ll help you too.