First Steps into FLUX

Well, my Flux is now shipping.
Everyone who has their printers, what can you tell me that is need to know?

This is my first printer, and these are a few things I know I need ot look out for, especially with Flux:

  • Micro USB can pop off. I have ordered a magnetic micro USB Data cable.
  • Lubricate the ball joints!
  • Store filament in a dry environment. I am getting a dehumidifier and air tight container.

What else should I look at, foreword to etc?

I am very excited!! :smiley:

I wrote this guide that should help you - Comprehensive Flux Delta Setup and Guide

I just store my filament in a giant bag with some silica gel packets.

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You should gain knowledge about 3D printing as well. Here are the links and it help:

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@Milkdog @goldensnake

Thank you both. Those are awesome links, and an awesome write up.
Thank you both again :smiley: