First go at engraving


Please, please, please try engraving toast and let me know how it goes!!!

This may help -


Will do.

I still have yet to even attempt laser-ing anything. I absolutely love the print function and can’t seem to stop long enough to try anything else, lol. I am bummed that I may never get to try to scan though. My printhead lowered onto the rubber spinning pad while the metal plate was removed and melted a tiny hole right where the tab for the calibration tool goes. It doesn’t seem to interfere with the build plate, but I’m bummed that I miffed up the rubber deal. Oh well, from the looks of others’ results, I’m not missing much on the scan function. I’m just hoping perhaps one day I could order just the rubber disk from the Flux guys to fix it up.


I will do that tomorrow morning, awesome idea burned toast, And the settings are:
Apple 100% laser and 3mm/s ( yes very slow i know otherwise you can’t cut trough it, 10 mm/s leaves a mark nothing more)
Chocolate : 50% laser and 20mm/s but is was still burned so i think less laser would be also good… but still i got my flux 1 day so not finished my burning stuff ^^


I’ve been thinking about trying to engrave a QR code on the bottom of prints that links to the original thing’s URL as a way to attribute the work to the original artist… Haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll let you know how it goes when I do!


That was kind of my thinking too. I thought the most obvious use would be to engrave the prints from the same machine. The QR code is a great idea though. Do let us know how it goes.


This is customizing my FLUX…hope i didn’t void the warranty.


Where and how did you do that?


All i did was take the top off and it was practically a perfect fit…and started engraving…100% power at i believe half speed…forgot but came out nice…the setting i used took about 3 hours but probably can be done faster.


Did anyone here tried to engrave on the back of an iphone?
I would like to know the settings and see the results :slightly_smiling:


The laser isn’t designed to engrave metal. @Kevin_Anthony was able to do it because he was just going through the top powder coating, not actually into the metal.


I tried the IPhone 5 but unfortunately, its metallic glossy material and didn’t even make a scratch. If its a hard plastic, it should be no problem. I don’t know what type of material this is but worked on my galaxy tab.

Milkdog, the top of the flux has metal in it?? looks completely plastic…that is what I engraved, not an iphone. I wish. Even though i hate iphone, would be good money there.


You’re right. It is completely plastic. I figured it was powder-coated metal because of the grey where you engraved. I’m still trying to figure out exactly what happened there.


I think that might be my flash on the camera giving it that bright color…without the light, completely dark but still visible. Just realized it, the light does make it look awesome…shed a light on something and you will be amazed.


Did any of you encounter problems like Trouble with engraving results

What versions did most of you use?



Two, actually. I’ll post pics when I get home, but it turned out pretty good, I think. Still trying to work on settings for it, but you can certainly tell what the images are. Pretty cool function, limited a bit, but still very nifty. I even got wife-eye-roll for purposely burning toast in the bedroom WITH A LAZERBEAMMMM!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve only done a few SVG outline engravings, and usually the starting corner was missing a tiny bit. In my case it was only like .5 mm of line.

@AmnNate - I totally can’t wait to see it! Now I’m trying to think of other cool food things you could do with this. Ham with etched things into it?


Check it out! I added quotes so I don’t flood the thread with images, but there’s my attempt at Bat Toast! The logo was done at 2mm/sec and 100% from an svg file. It took like 15 minutes. The full Bat took like 4.5 hours since it was a jpg file. I tried converting it, but lost a lot of the detail if I did. So it was also done at 2mm/s and 100% power. Just plugged in the height of the toast and let it go.

The other images are some other attempts at layering cardboard. The rose was an sag so went very quick at 3mm/s and 100%. The Princess Leia took 6.5 hours at 2mm/s and 100%!!! Daughter liked it though. Oh, and the Doctor Who thing took like 30 mins at 2mm/s and 100%. I pretty much stuck to the “paper” setting in Flux Studio since it was cardboard and it was working, lol. SVG files are a LOT quicker, but I was having a hard time finding some that were cool looking. Converting works if you have a high resolution first though.

The rest of the pics are of the “variety pack” of nozzles I bought at someone’s suggestion. They fit the machine, sort of. I’m going to try the 0.4 first and see if it has any issues. If not, I want to attempt using the 0.2 nozzle. They are all smaller around than the stock one, but screw in just fine. Although, they do stick out a little bit more (as seen in images). Hopefully it will be okay. It’d be nice to have some backups and confirm for others that they work. I’ll keep y’all posted.

Let me know what you think!


I am honestly surprised that the bread required such a slow speed. I believe that wood is around 8mm/s. I would have expected bread to be faster than that.


I tried it at 4 or 5mm/s first, but it came out super faint. I think it’s just due to the extreme texture of the bread. I slowed it down just to make darn sure it would work, lol.


Wow. I’m officially having Jesus toast every morning until I get struck down now.