First go at engraving


I set the FLUX out in the garage last night and did some engraving. Eventually I’ll try running it next to a painting hood or a solder fume extractor, but for now I can just set it on my tablesaw.

I had to restart the job 8 or 10 times because of the overly sensitive safety interlock, so I’ll have to experiment with the aluminum foil hack next. A note to the creators, can you make this sensitivity a time delayed trigger? i.e. instead of making that part of the code an indiscriminate if or when that flips a hard switch when it detects an open circuit, make it a while with a pause at the beginning of a 1/4 second or something like that. That way it would smooth out the hiccups and only indicate when there’s an actual problem. Is there an accelerometer in the laser module? Maybe use that to determine if the train runs off the rails instead of an electrical interlock.

The engraving looks good, overall. I can tell that I’ve got some tweaking to do with the power and speed, but that’s a given, and it will change with every material. My plan is to create a gradient pattern that’s about the size of a postage stamp to use as a test piece. Then I’ll be able to adjust the speed and power to achieve the best spread on each material. Hopefully I can do that with a pattern that doesn’t take a lot of time to do :slight_smile:


Looks good! Here is the result of my first engraving on leather.


So far I’ve had very good success. I’m still experimenting with variations in the advanced settings, but overall very pleased with results!


I did quite a few trial runs, but this is the first real thing I’ve done with the engraver, and I’m very happy with it. It’s going to be an awesome gift. If you’re looking for boxes to use, this is a good starting place -


That’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I just got a set of brand new digital calipers today to help with dialing in the laser for material heights. I look forward to trying it out after reading your posts. Now, back to printing! I friggin love this thing!


The one advantage of the box I bought is that they gave me very specific dimensions, so I just had to type them in, but I have a digital caliper in the mail from Amazon today as well.


Really NICE job on the leather. What settings did you use on the laser ?


If I remember correct the settings were speed: 10mm/s and laser 100%.


Excellent. Thank you!


Here is my first try on a piece of wood.

The task took about an hour and half. I created this illustration in Adobe Illustrator and exported as JPG. Imported into Flux Studio and adjusted to desired size, about 65mm x 60mm.

Here is my setting: Material: Wood; Shading: Off; Object Height: 8mm. I did not adjust anything in the ADVANCED setting.

Here is the engraving in action


Nice! Looks like the areas with uneven shading are due to underlying wood changes.


The engraving on leather works really well.
Settings: Leather 8mm/s and 100% power, 2mm hight.


I have tried to engrave on paper with all the default setting for paper and used an SVG file. However, there is nothing at all. Not even a dot of burnt. I then cranked the strength to 100%. Still nothing.

Is it possible to use the laser head to cut paper?


I found that more important than the strength is the object height. Try 1mm at a time higher. It seems that you need to find the focal point of the laser and by default with paper it’s not at the right point. You could also try slower movement, but height makes the biggest difference in what I’ve found.


@atkulp, thanks. I will try it when I get a chance.


I did this etching on a notebook cover at 70% power. The brown edging is actually the material that was revealed underneath the top layer. The graphic came out sharp as a tack.


What settings are you all using for paper?

My laser isnt cutting properly, settings are: 5mm/s; 100%;0mm


HI, i felt like a little kid when i got my laser engraver on:P i used it with chocolate, and a apple, it taste horrible ( burned) but it sees really awesome,

The brand “Elstar”^^


So, what settings do you use when you engrave an apple and chocolate?


Cool! I wouldn’t have even thought to laser engrave food! Now I really want to make some fancy toast or something. Maybe BATMAN TOAST!!!