Finding models of real statues

I swear I’ve heard people talk of a site that is real, art statues that have been digitized. Does anyone know of a site? Ideally I’m looking for one specific statue, but thinking about some other things to print as well.

Ideally, I’m looking to print this statue for a friend that used to live in DC. It’s a pretty well known statue outside of the FTC building in Washington DC called Man Controlling Trade:

Im not much of an artist (anymore) but I believe that with soooo many pictures online of the statue, you could probably make a model yourself. It’s a process but you start off with the 2-D version and trace the image and start creating a 3-D model of it. Use the unlimited amount of pictures of the statue, and you should be able to create one.

Good luck. Hope it works out or you find someone that has been able to scan the image. Either or, I am interested to see that statue myself.

Just saw it on


Awesome! That’s the site I was looking for! Although, I can’t find the statue that I mentioned. You said you saw it there?

2 Likes has a huge library of models from a lot of stl websites like thingiverse and youmagine.

Here’s another great one.

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Just found this one, too.

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And the actual sauce: A Large Dataset of Object Scans