Finally my printer is working again after 7 months!

Just a few lines to tell my story…

March 2018 my printer stopped heating after almost 1150 hours of printing, which took about 1 year of KS printer ownership. It was not heating anymore but all other functions and heads were working. Tried my spare C-cable and spare printing head, no change. I realized the issue was the top Extruder PCB. I inspected visually but could not see any damage. It took me a while to contact Support which I did in August and after some delay, I received a reply and finally a replacement PCB today. Installed it this afternoon and I am back printing as before, thanks to Howard from Flux support.

I did not follow to much the Forum conversations since March 2018. I am still running Flux Studio v0.9.1, with machine fw 1.6.86 and toolhead fw 1.2.18. I noticed there is now a stable FS v1.0, but have not tried it yet.

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Welcome back! I too had a extended printer outage. I was trying to remove a blockage on the PLA printhead and it slipped and the USB-C cable came loose and threw sparks. The unit was dead. I too assumed I have blown the Extruder PCB and also the printhead and the cable, so I contacted support for the Extruder board and ordered new print head and cable. After several weeks of delay, I finally got the parts, only to discover the extruder board was missing a cable receptacle and I had to wait again for another extruder board. Long story shorter, that did not fix it, so we worked it further and decided is was the main PCB, after getting one of them, it still did not work. Next for the Raspberry PI. I found one on eBay that was faster to get then from Flux, that did the trick. Unit has been working find since. Still not sure if it was actually all of the boards (which is likely) or it was just the PCB, but I’m back up and running. Fun times.


Yikes. Welcome back to both of you. Though I have to say your stories strangely give me confidence!

We have hit the year and a bit mark and so far all going well, no issues we couldn’t sort in less than 20 min on our own with the forum and previous posts (though the last one I had a ticket typed up and ready to go before we fixed it… The feed motor just… stopped… for awhile).

So while I’m sorry you had to go through that - all the information all of you have ever posted about overcoming issues from the Kickstarter on is being used - I assure you!

So thank you and definitely welcome back!

Thanks for the welcomes.

I just want to add one more observation about the not-heating issue. As the problem progressed with time from occasional not heating to complete failure, I am suspecting the C-cable adapter on the PCB is the problem. I now installed a connector sleeve which should protect the connector from lateral jerks as the head moves. I wish Flux designers had chosen a simpler terminal connector than the C-cable one, C-cable is very rigid, simple wires would not exert or transfer any force to connectors on PCB, Flux version 2 should drop the C-cable!