Filament overflow near nozzle, no problem printing but ugly lumps dripping


so pictures says a thousand words so ill let them speak first.

half way around the nozzle filled with PLA

so when it heats up and start printing it will slowly drip down allong the nozzle and then attach itself to the model.

anyone know a fix for it? i have already ordered a new nozzle, but it’s only 3 months since i changed it last and before that the nozzle lasted almost 2 years.

I would be very sad if i had to order a new printing head :confused:

Nozzle Clod? Molten filament spilling out near nozzle

Looks like your nozzle is not fully tight. I’m guessing under heat it will still turn a bit and tighten up further. I had a similar issue after removing the nozzle to attempt to clear it and ultimately replacing it. Bring the head up to 220 degrees C while off the magnetic poles and give the nozzle a bit more righty tighty. :slight_smile: it would not surprise me if it moved as much as an 1/8 of a turn. That should eliminate pla from oozing out the size like you are seeing. -Lance


will try to make it go to 220, had it tightened while on 180 degrees but will try on 220 :smile:


so bad news, the PLA is leaking from somewhere inside the printing head :-1: so i have to buy a new one as i dont think its something that is easily fixed. if someone have tried something similar before would be happy to hear from you!


It’s leaking from the top of the heat break, easily fixed by taking the pint head apart and tightening the screw


your a godsend debre, it had a huge clumb og leaked pla at the heat break. cleaned it all out and i have it printing now. will write in here tomorrow when the print is finished.


no problem after the cleanup!! thank you!!


i got the same problem, will try to clean it up