Filament Oiler/Filter


Kind of like one of these? Just customized for the FLUX instead?

I’ve been debating whether to do something vertical, horizontal, or diagonal which is pretty interesting


One thing I like about the one I posted is that it seems like it will work with TONS of different types of spools. I think that the horizontal looks a lot cleaner with the Flux, rather than having something sticking out of the top.


Here’s another one to oogle.
This one might win the simplicity award.

The entries from the Filament challenge are worth browsing.


I actually currently use the PHIL system, and it works pretty well, although the wheels don’t work super great. They are usually quite angled. I may try re-printing it.

I do personally prefer things that can be fully 3D Printed, but maybe I’m weird with that.


personally, i am looking forward to ( My own Delta design) Jim’s Rostock design.

Vertical on top of the flux would, personally, be an easier feed for the Flux. Only way to find out is to start building…im too new to figure it out (just yet) but I know Jim has the answers :slightly_smiling:


I made a big mistake when I created my spool holder by not looking at others’ creations. The ones using bearings are certainly well made for reducing spool friction. I have a three hour print nearly done and have heard the filament non-feed clunk only four times, but now I realize I should have investigated. It could have been a sticking spool on my holder.

I like the simplicity model, 784199 for the minimal parts list and the spring loaded spool “clamp,” but also would prefer to have fewer non-3d printed parts. Kinda tough when bearings are involved, of course. That particular model needs a means to encase full spools as the filament wants to unwind from a full or near full spool when placed horizontally.

Does toploaded filament sleeve make the drive gear noisy/clickety?

Plumber’s Pipes. Cheap. Strong.


May you take a picture of your PHIL arrangement currently? I also printed Phil, but the wheels works not very well and the spool turn very unsmooth. Thats the reason why i would try the universal horizontal holder which you proposed


I’ll be honest, it doesn’t work great for me either. I do spray some lubricant/WD-40 in there, and I think that helps some.


I managed to get some pics for you if you still were wondering.

I was playing with it, and the spool came out of the wheel track:


My clicking noises are also back and it isn’t an alignment issue anymore (fixed this with Jim). An Oiler/Filter is also installed and WD-40 takes also no effect to prevent clicking.

I ordered a new pulley (MK8) which will arrive hopefully tomorrow or at least saturday. Hope this fits and works fine, i’ll keep you updated.

In the meantime you can check-out this interesting article about pulleys and the MK8:


Same here installed a filement oiler filter and it seems a bit better for a while but the noise came back adding some new WD40 on it did not help either.
The clicking noise never went totally away actually :frowning:

Something I noticed is seems to “click” more the more plastic it needs to feed… it is less bad on 0.1 than on 0.2 layer height.


One thing to check, my dremel pad would actually get a bit caught in the feeder. Is that what might be happening to both of you? If so, I just took a failed print, and put it between the pad and the feeder.


Mine is not in the feeder, I have also a prevention for that, so that is unluckily not the fault. A quite good pulley is one of the most important thing, so hopefully the new one is the solution for me.


Mine is not stuck in the feeder either


Great read! I just did a much less scientific test of the same sort of thing.


Interesting that you rate the pulley/Drive gear as worthest and the other article as the best :smiley:

It’s arrived now, hope that it will fit and fix the issue. Will try it out when I’m at home.


The MK8 drive gear was a little bit tricky to install. The pulley from FLUX is to big so that the filament didn’t get enough into the drive gear and so it didn’t have enough grip. So luckily we have a 3D Printer, conclusion: Print a new pulley that fits! :smiley:

After the new pulley was also inserted I ran some fantastic prints! Without clicking, with tube on the filament roll and filter/oiler. But caution, it is may to early for a conclusion on that. :blush:

I will post images tomorrow evening, if you were interested.


Please post pictures - I’d love to see what you did there…


The filament oiler was the very first thing I printed and 50hrs in not one click or failed print. I’ve used cheap filaments I bought off eBay as well as the flux filament and the print quality has been identical. I add a small amount if of silicone spray every 5 print hrs.