Filament not loading (was working)


I unloaded the previous filament just fine yesterday. I went to load the new one. It is not feeding in and I do not hear the feeder motor. I was able to get the filament part way in the tube and tried unloading but again, no motor. Ideas?


Did you cut the tip of the filament into a sharp point?


Yes, the first time it did not seem to take. I have had troubles getting it to start before so I cut it again but at the opposite angle. I was able to feed it right to the tub then. Still no grip from the feeder. That was when I tried unloading it which just worked with the previous filament, and nothing. It is like a sensor is not getting tripped properly.



Will you please insert filament manually and start a print? If you get filament runout message when printing, it would be the sensor not working.


I will do this tomorrow. Busy schedule today. Thank you.



I manually fed in the filament and started a print. I get the runout of filament message. Looks like the sensor is not working.


@Jim Is there anything I can do? The 3D part of the printer is pretty much dead without the sensor working.



Sorry that I missed the thread here. I’ve sent you a ticket.


I too am having the exact same experience.

  • “Ran out of filament” message when filament was loaded.
  • Feeder motor will not run
  • When trying to load the filament, receive a message to insert the filament; its already loaded, but load it again anyways.
  • I can not get past this message.
  • The tip of the filament has been cut to at an angle.
  • I have manually loaded the filament to the printer head, printer still does not recognize it has filament.

What else can I try?


I have the same problem @Jim
What can i do ?

Thank in advance


There is a setting you can toggle in the expert settings area to disable the out of filament check. Off the top of my head I don’t remember what it is exactly, as I’m not near the printer at the moment. Turning that check off will allow you to print, but if you run out of filament, it will continue to print in the air. The sensor in the extruder area is very delicate and easy to break if you force filament past it. There is a replacement sensor listed on the parts site, it is not always in stock, but it is an easy replacement. -Lance


Thank @ltaylorwarren I finally found the trick after a few tries in the settings.
It’s a good thing if you can change the sensor.