Filament monitor

Would love to see this added to FLUX

You could make your own very easily. It’s just a switch that says yes there’s filament, or no there’s not.

My friends at The MakerHive built a filament monitor out of a spare extruder and an encoder. The idea was to measure the amount that you’re supposed to extrude vs the actual amount extruded, kind of a closed loop check for skipped steps. They also did some experiments with a scroll wheel from an old mouse.

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That looks good. Not sure if FLUX team is planning to add the feature but if they do it would really be helpful.

For now, a filament detector (without encoder) is installed in FLUX Delta. So it can detect if filaments runs out. There are no much space for us to installed encoder for now, but we do use this kind of technology to assure the quality of FLUX’s printing toolheads.