Filament melting inside printerhead before nozzle



I was adviced to create a new thread
We got our printer 3 days ago and we are experiencing the problem where filament is melting inside the printerhead casing.

We appear to also have been experiencing filament feeding problems aswell as the flux pressing to hard on the printing plate as described in these other 2 threads.
Oil/filter for filament: Filament Oiler/Filter
Printer head pressing to hard on plate: Print Head pressing plate too hard?

I was about to try and print a filter to see if that would alleviate our problems but now I’m worried about using the printer with all that melted filament inside.

Printer Head bottom cover started melting
Shipped on today, 3D printing toolhead bottom melted! (photo update)

You’ve opened a ticket on the FLUX help site, I assume?


Yes I have :slightly_smiling:
Hopefully I will hear back soon but FinTheWarrior whom experience the same problem hasn’t heard anything yet.


Luckily, it looks like Jim and Simon are pretty active online today. Maybe they’ll advise.


We do not recommend printing under this situation.

Since removing the bottom of the printhead can be done simply by unscrewing those three T10 screws, you can choose to clean it up yourself. Won’t void the warranty. Still OK to send it back to us if it’s not getting better.

More tips for cleaning:

  • Using change filament function to soften the PLA.

  • After unscrewing the three T10 screws, push the 6 magnets one by one and the bottom housing will eventually be opened.

  • It will be the easiest to clean the PLA when it is almost solidified.

Printer Head bottom cover started melting
Extruder head issues

Thank you @Jim, good to know when can open it up and clean without voiding the warrenty :slightly_smiling:

I suggest having a flat screwdriver or other handy when opening the case, due to the filament being solid it was impossible for me to “just” push at the magnets to open the case. getting one side open enough for a thin flat screwdriver was all i could manange but then it easily popped of when I would use the screwdriver for leverage.

Got mine cleaned out last night and did a test print.

  1. I used the feater “change filament - unload filament” to warm up the PLA and clear inside the nozzle.
  • after this i was able to get the lid off which had been stuck to the PLA.
  1. Removing solid PLA, not fun. I tried warming the PLA in hopes of removing it easier from the casing. The Nozzle was mostly untouched after the “unload filament”.
  • I tried boiling water for heating - didn’t do much
  • I tried using my hairdryer, it was slow but it did make the PLA slightly pliable so I got most of it off…
  1. Reasseambled and did a test print, first print didn’t stick on the plate so stopped it and redid the setup. Second print was perfect though it does sound like it has a filament feeding problem(tick, tick, tick) but Now I have an filament oil filter and looking forward to trying another print with that tonight.


I had this issue to a small degree recently due to a print that failed and I left unsupervised. A solution that seemed to work for me was to start a new print, and once it was in the middle of the print double-push the Flux button to pause it. Then let it sit for a while. I was in a work meeting, so it was about 2 hours, but because the extruder stays at temperature, the extra filament slowly melted out of the extruder.


I just got my printer yesterday, went through the print tutorial with no problems and printed the soccer ball in the box. I started my second print, watched it for about half an hour then went off to do something else. When i came back the print was stuck to the tool head and filament had oozed into the air vents very similar to Sashagg but more extreme.
I am putting in a ticket with the help centre right now, and figured I should also post here.

Printer Head bottom cover started melting
Flux Delta Upgrade Experiences

A couple others have had this problem and disassembled the toolhead to clean it up. Check out more here: Printer Head bottom cover started melting


We cleaned ours as AmnNate has linked, but it continued to extrude unevenly.

The flux team is sending us a new printerhead which is coming through customs now.


I cleaned mine as well, but there seems to be a problem… When the filament comes out of the nozzle it curls back on to the nozzle instead of straight down.


Looks like the nozzle isn’t tight enough in the heatblock. The seal needs to be realy tight. Pla is a master in getting trough very small creases.


This is a tipical pla problem. Pla cools down pretty fast and then curls, making it hit the nozzle and sticking to it. Sometimes printing at an higher temerature can help. Otherwise, leave the filament a bit furter in the bowden tube. Not completely towords the nozzle. Just zo that it comes out when it starts the actual print.


Just running in same the same issues - it worked perfect for a lot of prints but now filament (black with delivery from flux) is goint to the end, so I just beleive that the tension inside the smaller rounds of filament might be an issue as well?

It is not just during printing it is already during the change of filament - tried it with a new role (PLA not from Flux with bigger radius) and it flews out straigt.


now it happened to me too :frowning:
how did you solved it? did flux support team sent something helpful or should I improvise?


Hi Yarden

The Fluxx team sent us a new printer head.
We did clean it with this user guide: Printer Head bottom cover started melting but we did not feel safe using it.


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