Feeder Not Working


I just received my printer today. Set up went great BUT during my first attempt to print the filament does NOT seem to be feeding. The nozzle is NOT plugged and if I force the filament down the tube it will come out the hot end no problem. The motor does NOT sound like its running. How can I check to make sure? BTW… I’m using the natural FLUX filament.

Can you use the Load-Unload feature? What do you mean the nozzle is not plugged in?

When I apply pressure to the filament (pushing it down the feeder tube i get material out the end.

I’ll try the Load-Unload feature again. Thank you

No luck on the Load-Unload feature. Any other suggestions?

Do you hear the motor running or just not working at all? If you hear the motor than it might be an alignment issue…you can ask for help from @Jim. He has the answer to that…

I can’t hear the motor running.

Is there a setting that forces the motor to run so I can try and hear it? I was thinking of feeding it filament with the feed tube not connected to the hgead and see if it pushes anything out.

Without the motor, you will not be able to print. When you try to load the filament (in the option of FLUX to Load and Unload), at that point, do you hear the motor? If you do the load filament, you will (or should) hear the motor when you put filament in (has the sensor). Once the sensor is triggered, the motor starts to grab.

If after using the load feature of the FLUX and you still can’t hear the motor, then you need an RMA my friend.

I had the same problem. It was the filament sensor that was causing the issue. In particular, one of the wires got damaged. I do not know how. I was able to fix it by taking off the top. I got the instructions from Flux. I would paste them here but I am afraid you will void the warranty without their OK. Open a support ticket.

Below is what it looked like when I opened it up.



hi , i see by your photos of the feeder that they are using an extruder gear that is not rated to be very good . there is another post on this forum about filament feeders and their ratings , also another post of a user that switched the gear to a mk8 type . i have a spare mk8 and i think i will be switching mine to help out with my feeding issues .

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Where did you see the rating? We designed and manufactured the gears of our own and I don’t think there’s a rating of the FLUX’s gear.

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Just sent you a ticket.


You’re right. Let us know the problem and you will get the right instruction.

Thank you Jim. Great response time. My finding have been sent to your team.

hi jim . i did not know that your team designed the filament gear . i have owned a rostock machine for over four years now besides the flux and it came with a gear that looks to be the same and i ended up changing it out to get smoother feed on my hot end . if you type in extruder filament drive gear in flux forum search there are a couple of reviews on different gears and the ones that look like the one in flux and the one i had in my other machine is the ratings i was going by . i like the flux very much but i do sometimes have feeder problems and it can never hurt to try new things . all in all your team is doing a great job , best support i have seen after looking at other machine reviews . thanks , jeff

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We’ve researched some cases from users and the feeder problem mostly came from other parts and can be solved by some adjustments. The extruding gear design would not likely go wrong on the Flux system (I’m not sure with other machines). You can see the gear of Flux has fine teeth which design to be perfectly match the pressure from the pulley. I’m still happy to discuss if you ran into any issues or have any ideas about design.

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hi jim , you are right on the gear part . the main problem seems to be the alingment on the pressure wheel to the gear . i have made what you would call minor adj with shims and it has worked great . thanks for your reply . spiff

Having the same issue with the printer not loading. @Jerry was your problem ever resolved and did you receive your part?

Hello TumTum,

I sent the printer back for repair. The issues was the drive motor was not responding. I don’t know if they replaced the motor or the drive board. I would suggest opening a ticket. My DELTA works great now.

I hope this helps.