Feed mechanism seems stuck

I’m using the supplied filament spool with the second section of tubing. As you can see in the video, it doesn’t actually pull the filament through the tube. Looking at the top, it just jerks back and forth. Looking below, you can see it prints a tiny bit at the bottom (likely some amount that I’ve forced into the head) then just spits out random drops for a bit. Help!

it looks like the head is stucked with deposit. when this happened to me, I usually manually push the filament manually to force the deposit to squeeze out.

  1. unlock the head (take off all 6 rod, filament tube, USB-c only)
  2. use change filament to head the head (unload filament)
  3. manually push the filament through the head and squeeze out the left over (usually a very hot oil / left over will be squart out, be careful don’t get burn)
  4. put all the pieces back together.

give it a try~

It looks like there are PLA coming out from the nozzle, and jerking back and forth is due the shape you’re printing. Use more glue to stick the PLA on base plate, and try again.

The amount coming out is negligible. No filament is being fed from the above container so it’s just whatever residual amount is left in the head I think.

I’ll try that tomorrow. I don’t think it’s stuck with anything. I took it out of the box today. The first print job failed, and I took that video of the second job.

Also, the rafting (the base part) sticks to the base. It’s as it moves above the base that I can see that it’s spitting little bits but they don’t end up connecting. It really just doesn’t seem to be feeding (especially should be visible in the video).

You might want to check out filament oiler/filter that is discussed on another thread here.

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That looks worth trying. Not sure it’s the issue, but it still looks like a good idea!

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