Facebook Group for FLUX Owners/Enthusiasts


I created a Facebook Group open to all FLUX Delta/Delta+ Owners & Enthusiasts

FLUX Delta Owners Group

I was quite surprised there wasn’t one already. I put some of the most helpful files that have been shared with me in the files section, as well as some of the most commonly used upgrades & mods (.stl) files (that are single file only, I didn’t want to upload multipart files yet to avoid confusion).

I know some people don’t use FB, and I’m not at all trying to draw anyone away from this Forum, just another source/repository/backup to consolidate some things between here, Thingiverse, Dropbox, people’s hard drives, etc.

Kind of handy, as there are a couple of really big FB groups about 3D printing that are full of information, so having a FLUX group nearby just seemed natural.

Anyway, status is set to open right now, so anyone can join, I’ll leave it that way for a while.


Good idea. Another resource for us.

My wife however thinks we need a Facebook page to show off people’s best printing failures as she reckons I have far more of them than good ones. I think she has a point. A sort of expectation versus reality page perhaps.


It wouldn’t be fair to do that since our Trophy Room is not available to the public on FB. That would be kinda like trash talking ourselves without showing what we can achieve.

I wouldn’t be opposed to a ‘Hall of Shame’ in here though, I’ve made my fair share of screw ups, some of them could qualify as Modern Art Masterpieces :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I’m trying to grow my own FB group and I’d like to discuss it somewhere but found only this topic. What tools do you use? So far I don’t feel like cheating and buying fake followers, just make it easier by using scheduling facebook posts tool, here’s the link. Sorry for the off-topic, just curious how people deal with the process.