Extrusion Multiplier


Hi ,

Earlier version of Flux studio had this setting under the expert settings (extrusion_multiplier: 1.0), which is no longer present in latest version.

the prints seem to be lacking overlap on the bottom, top and outerwalls, resulting in a lot of small gaps, more like a colander than a solid layer. Are there any settings that I can tinker with to improve this? I have already tried to incream skin overlap percentage, number of top and bottom layer, increasing shell layer and lowering print speed.



Under Cura2 in the expert tab it is called material_flow I found out by someone else that setting it to 150 helped. You might have to play with it to dial in the setting for your needs.



I was having a similar issue with vertical layers not bonding well.

This is what I changed in settings to fix the problem:

Cura & Cura2: Material Flow = 150

Slic3r: Extrusion Multiplier = 1.5

You may need to fine tune this based on what PLA you’re using.

Good Luck…


Not sure if this has anything to do with the material_flow config in Cura2 (which I have set to 150 to keep the sides of the prints from pealing off). Anyone have an idea? Could my bearings be getting worn?

As you can see, I printed an 80x10x10mm bar on the left side of the my build plate and then in a separate print, the same thing with the same settings on the right side. Why did the one on the left print with those gaps and it does bulge out a little where the one from the right side didn’t do that?