Extruder cleaning?

Is there same way to clean the extruder completely?

I can clean only as far as the needle will reach from the bottom.

Is there anything to clean it from the other side or something to run through the extruder to clean it out?

I tried that…

This is how I found out that it is not melting the tip of the filament. the nozzle of the extruder is hot enough to melt the PLA but not the filament side.

Left the filament in there on loading for about 5 minutes. No change, pulled the filament out and it was not even warm.


Get some thin solid core wire a fraction smaller than your filament and shove it all the way through (once you’ve gotten the hot end nice and hot, of course). Someone else will probably chip in with what gauge wire… probably something around AWG24 will do… don’t have a measure handy to double-check the diameter.

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with the tool head in “load filament” mode:

We had some brass 0.55mm wire, I was able to insert that into the top of the tool head unit and it promptly hit something that sounded hard. I put some filament in and still not melting.

I tried some copper wire from the nozzle end with the expectation I would be able to push it all the way through to the top of the tool head. I was unable to do that. I was able to advance the wire only a couple mm further than the cleaning needle is longer. I am able to put the cleaning needle in all the way to the hilt (handle) and the copper wire only a couple mm more than that.

I can’t see how I have anything other than filament in the toolhead… If the nozzle end is hot enough to burn my fingers and make the residual PLA smoke then it is working…

Thanks for the ideas

Bugger. Another time I had a really bad clog due to using a fair amount of metalized filament I had nothing handy to shove up the nozzle, so I instead shoved the filament down the print head, gripped it a few mm above the print head (so it couldn’t just fold up) and applied brute force (and repeated as necessary). :stuck_out_tongue: It didn’t want to budge at first, but then it popped and filament started feeding through again. AFAIK, the only thing that should be in the way in the print head is the PTFE sleeve, and with 0.55mm wire I don’t see that being a issue… as it should be a 1.75mm inner diameter 'ish sleeve?

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Your method worked…

Tough though. It required a lot more force than I expected.

Flows perfectly now…

Will test print and see.

Winner winner chicken dinner! Yeah, I was surprised also, but he he… it worked! I just went… what halm can it do… it’s only plastic, heat and some pressure! :laughing: :laughing:

Fingers cross it behaves now.

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filament snapped about 1 hour into a 24 hour print.

It seemed to be working well enough. I just need to get better filament in 1kg rolls

Having taken the whole thing apart about 4 times now…

No idea actually what was going on. I managed to load flux branded PLA eventually. I think I need a new tube and other bits to make it work nicely.

My 1 hour test print is almost done and looks fine I think.

I think I will stick to flux branded PLA, I just wish it came in bigger spools