Exact placement on the "movable" honeycomb table

I have a BeamBox Pro (original) and use it a lot. I’ve not solved the problem and are looking for best practices for precise placement of multiple items from one run to another with intervening projects. What I do is to create a template for multiple engravings/cuts in a single run… but because the honeycomb table has about 1/4” of x-y play…. anything I place on the table or register/reference to the table can be misplaced. For example… I make wooden pens and built a template that holds 10 pens just right for engraving. But getting the honeycomb table in the same place and the template aligned exactly under the lens and parallel/perpendicular with the x-y axis is tough. Yes, I use the camera (that mostly works BUT I get at best 3/16” off accuracy and it’s tough to get the x-y axis aligned. My needs are for <0.5 mm of accuracy. Ideas?

I had the exact issue with the same pencil holder.

I created a template, that uses the Metal edge of the Beambox, (Tolerance seems better than the .5mm you have) and NOT the honeycomb grid. of course adjusting for the slight drop of the Honeycomb bed from its edge. works a treat…

Hope this is useful


Thanks Chris…. I’ll change my reference to the left side metal rail and the front (user end) metal rail and build my templates to butt up against those two without regard for the honeycomb table. I’ll have to shim under the template that now will rest on the left and right honeycomb table edges (higher than the honeycomb table itself). That shouldn’t be hard, I should be able to find some sheet aluminum to lay on the honeycomb to raise it so the whole table is level on top of a level honeycomb. I’m glad to hear this works for you… gives me courage and confidence to make the change myself. Cheers, Jim