Error "Unable to calibrate base plate"


Ahh - ok, you removed the origin plate - just tested and calibration works now


Print the holders, which was created by Flux user, and place them as seen on a picture that prevent a glass plate shifting during printing.


yes already did printed them


They’re invisible in this picture, but they’re there… Black filament.


:wink: looks all white from here…


@goldensnake Are you printing directly on glass with no glue or tape etc.?


I apply only one layer glue.


Using the same thing after reading about it here. Works extremely well. I use one very thin layer of glue stick that works for several prints, then I’ll clean the glass and reapply.

For less complicated/detailed prints, blue tape is just as good and easy. Also lasts for several prints and adhesion is VERY solid. I only use glue when the model will have more contact with base, as I’ve found that the tape actually leaves a ‘tape texture’ on the print.

To whomever decided to take the leap and get that glass for their FLUX and posted about it here, thank you! Best and easiest right out of the box!


I’ve been having this problem for about three months now. However, I suspect maybe an uneven table that the Flux is on. If I raise the metal build plate a mm here, or a mm there, calibration works.


To pull this thread from oblivion again … I just ran into the same calibration issue #123.
Toolhead info says it has done 492 hours - but this is my second one on this Flux Delta.

First, I looked for obstacles, but there were none. Had a new nozzle mounted, then painfully removed the BuildTak Layer from the metal plate because it had small pits burned into where the nozzle always touches during calibration. No luck. UH-OH #123.

Is the pressure sensor under the left front rubber pad gone mad eventually? How to replace it?
Since this is used during the “change filament” process to speed up extrusion I know that it is still working, but maybe it is now too sensitive: filament runs through faster than before.


I use the zebra plate and the holders above,. All works great!! I have used the zebra plate for over a year now. also make sure you clean and lubricate properly. I use to get that a lot. I clean and lubricate after 30 hours of use. If I’m in a middle of a print that lasts 50 hours, i place additional lubrication as it is printing on the metal balls and the rods. I do not have the issue anymore . I hope this helps you.