Engraving wood?

Honestly, i have got the best Results with wood. Except if you like to engrave a foto with shades on, for this purpose i wasnt successful yet. but engraving svg files or photos without shading works very nice and looks awesome. everything with the standard settings for wood, you can also go a little faster and it still works. my best engrave on wood was a gift, but unfortunately i didnt take a picture before i gave it away. but it was really great

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What are you trying to engrave on the wood and what problems are you having?

I was successful in engraving birch plywood.
Here is a pic of my first (and only) engraving try:

The top part was due to the tilt error that I fixed with tin foil :slight_smile:

I just used standard settings for wood and measures the thickness.

Here’s my attempt at engraving buttons my wife bought off ebay. Set to 3mm/s and 100% and I had to set the height about 0.6mm higher than measured height to get the best burn.


i’m having much better luck now on plywood, i’ll post some pics soon.

Just did this a couple of hours ago… first try with default settings :slight_smile:
Its bamboo


i am getting a lot of tilt errors tho.

yea, i am getting a ton of tilt errors now… so many tilt errors that it is practically useless. im getting very upset with my printer purchase…

Try the Tin-foil Hack. I think, the problem ist, that the conductivity of the lasertoolheads magnet-sockets is not there anymore as soon as you grease the Rods. So you can shortcut this monitoring with the foil and there are no more problems

Check out my Comprehensive Flux Guide. It covers a few issues y’all have been having with the Laser Engraver - Comprehensive Flux Delta Setup and Guide

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tin foil hack??? what is the tin foil hack?
nevermind, i found it…

This may be a couple of days late, but the hack involves folding a piece of aluminum foil approximately four inches wide into a one inch strip about twenty four inches long. It’s easier to wrap the foil around a velcro-type headband if you can find that type. Once folded, use suitable tape to secure the ends to form a loop to go around your forehead. For the really severe problems, it’s also possible to use extra foil and create a half-sphere shape for complete head coverage.

Alternatively, take a look at this link:

Troubleshooting: #116 Engraving toolhead tilt detected


sarcastic post not really necessary here.

the tin foil ‘hack’ seems to have worked, my laser is back up and running smooth.

no sarcasm intended. Two days ago was April Fools Day, and I was late for that. You’ll note that the real answer was included.

They’re working on the tilt errors. To get rid of them, remove the laser from the holder module and put aluminium foil between the gold dots and the connector. I found it a bit easier to use a piece that was a bit too big so I could hold it as I closed it. After doing this, I was able to print on wood with no problem.

Fixed problem with foil, no more problems :wink:


Is that an svg or an image?

svg file from the web

Could you send me the svg?

Could be this one.

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