Engraving on Plastic Acrylic Sheets - Staining and Bottom-Up Engraving


Just curious to know if anyone has been using their BeamBox to engrave on plastic sheets (i.e. Trotec Trolase). I’m having an issue where there remains a significant amount of residue and has been staining the font. The company providing the sheets recommended engraving from the bottom-up rather than top down when doing fonts. Additionally, I was wondering if anyone could share their settings if they have found an optimal engraving setup for these sheets.


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Hi - Yes I came across this on my Beamo using some Trolase. I did switch to bottom up engraving and this helped somewhat but there was still some residue left. I think the air assist on the Beamo isn’t as powerful as it needs to be to blow away the scruff.

I only had a small amount of Trolase that someone gave me as a test so not been able to do any more experimenting. I hope to get some more in a few weeks and try it on my new Hexa machine.