Easter love from a laser?


Yes, very much so!

I’m a rather big easter fan, so I made a bunch of SVG’s to cut in carton paper. I thought I’d spread the Love.

Now I can’t for some reason share .svg files. The forum admin has only enabled other picture formats so I put them in my dropbox. Here’s the link

These files are clean single line SVG’s full of bunnies, birds, and eggs.

I’ll post some pics when I’ve done the cutting and my kids are done gluing. Please do the same :slight_smile:

btw. Laser settings I find successful:

Speed: 0.8 to 1.8 depending on the thickness (the thicker the slower)
Object height: 0.2mm
Focus offset: 0

Please do share, if you find some better settings.

Happy preEaster!


WOW… Thank you! Perfect project to do with the family this weekend.


Feel free to drop them in a .ZIP file in the Facebook group too. Literally nothing in there at all for lasering yet.