Draining the water

Any tricks or tips for draining the reservoir tank? I was thinking of using a turkey baster but the fill hole is pretty small and awkwardly placed. I guess maybe run some tubing in between?

Turkey barter with some clear tuning force onto, or into the end. Curious… why draining as its a closed system. Is this something I should be doing?

Correct spelling this time (damn spell checker)… Turkey baster with 1/4”, 3/8” or 1/2” clear flexible tubing attached to or in the end (electrical tape it if necessary).

In principle there might be algae or other biological stuff needing to be cleaned out, depending on how clean it was and how clean the water was when filling.

I wonder whether it’d be easy to drain it via the tubing connecting to the laser tubes, though. In particular, if the tubing was lowered far enough, would most of the water siphon itself out?

Yeah I read it should be changed out every 3-4 months. Impurities can cause arcing, apparently. I also put a drop of aquarium algecide in there. To drain it, I ended up buying a cheap little hand-pumped aquarium siphon (one-way valve in a bulb and a little PVC hose).

That being said, though, a lot of K40 users have the cheaper eBay China setups where the coolant isn’t a closed system, so maybe it’s less important. I also replaced the panel on back with a piece of clear acrylic I cut, which makes it easy to eyeball the water level in the tank – so I guess that lets more light into the tank, potentially increasing the chances of algae growth.

It’s distilled water, costs almost nothing and it’s easy to do, so better safe than sorry, I guess.

I did not know the tank was translucent/clear… I’ll have to investigate that as I would like to monitor it’s level without having to open the full hole and introducing dirt. Where exactly of the tank located as I too would add a window of some sort. Thanks.

Need to me… learn something every day! Thanks.

Here’s a look (Zardoz is the machine name…)