Discuss: About the coming FLUX Studio



In this year, we would like to remove those bad bugs you’ve encountered for years, which we eventually understand, are caused by wrong management. And that’s why the FLUX Studio 1.0 never comes out.

And here are some big changes in Printing features we would like to discuss with you.

  1. We are considering to remove Slic3r and CuraEngine 1 to give a better support on the latest slicing engine. We tried to integrate different slicing engines to give a better result based on the situation, but these tangling slicing parameters are causing crashes, confusions, errors like recent “flexible_material”, non-working support, and the code is a mess. Is there any feature of Slic3r and CuraEngine 1 you like to preserve?

  2. In addition to the first change, removing other slicers can help us provide a better GUI for adjusting detailed parameters in CuraEngine 2 and 3.

  3. We are considering to release a lite version for third-party slicers that you can easily upload GCode, and reduce the loading time.

  4. The mobile app can be way better, so that is the one we’re going to fix as well.


Are you going to support S3D via S3D’s Machine Control Panel instead of using Flux Studio?



This will be rather hard to implement due to the connection port is not compatible with the regular combination of Ramps, Mega 2560 and Marlin or Smoothie. It is possible to use software to simulate and translate the gcode simultaneously, but you’ll not be able to disconnect the network or turn off the computer while printing.


I like the idea of the standalone uploader, that’s a neat idea. Has there ever been a list of supported/required GCodes to add to the start and stop GCode of third party slicers?

A terminal would also be nice. I’m not entirely sure what’s under the hood, but being able to run PID autotune and change some of the basic EEPROM values would make for a more custom experience.

The GUI interface for the slicer would be great. Going through the advanced settings via text is tricky sometimes when you don’t know if a setting is from 1% to 100%, or 1/0 on/off, or a hex value from 0 to 255, etc.

The features I’d love to see in a slicer are auto arrange, rotation that snaps to set increments, a lay flat option, spiral vase, z-hop, coast/wipe, ironing, etc.


Having the one slicer with greater support for it makes sense. It will allow you to dive into features that you cannot because you have to have the software compatible with the other slicing engines.

One thing I ask if you can add a button for slicing, rather than have it automatically slice. I usually print more than one item at a time, and as I place multiple items in the studio, the view constantly changes, the slicing engine keeps trying to slice, and it is like a dog chasing its tail. If I can put the items I want to print, then press a button to slice, it will stop the constant slicing and view changing.

I believe Cura 3 has a lot more features, just like the Tree Support mode,

Thank you



Great suggestion. I completely agree!


My only use for Slic3r was for printing small details or single layer walls which Cura tends to miss out. Maybe if it’s just Cura on it’s own then settings for fine details could be included. (I don’t know if there are any?)

I agree with the need for a button for slicing!
I’d also like separate modes for viewing or moving models as it’s really annoying to get things arranged then accidentally drag something out of place instead of rotating the view.
And how about a user settable lube countdown timer for axis lubrication.
Also, I’d like the “Pause at layer” setting to be on the main display (maybe part of the preview layer bar?) as it’s really annoying to start a print and forget that it was set on the previous print and find the printer stopped at layer 8 instead of doing the whole print and if multiple layer stops were set then you know you have to return to attend to them all as you can’t turn them off.
A manual override box to override program settings like printing temperature and ignoring pause points while printing would be nice too.
How about bringing back the option of doing a thick perimeter print at the start of a print to prime the nozzle with a new color?


Yes please, put my vote down for this. If I’m setting up a bunch of small items to print at the same time I’ve been known to crash the whole thing as I’m moving them around on the print area.


And could you please implement a form of live-setting, like temperature, printspeed, flow etc, while printing?


Another feature that I use a lot is the unit conversion in NetFabb.
American to “Normal” conversion happens a lot, and an up/down 10x is also handy for cm to mm, etc.
Whenever you’re opening other people’s files, you never know what you’re going to get.


I heard about a feature called ironing that smooths the top layer. If we are asking for features I would like to try that. Also a quick change of filament button from the main screen.


aww too bad i really liked slic3r :confused: ohh well, as long as what comes is better and will be optimized then i don’t complain :slight_smile:


I’d like to see the core functionality work perfectly before other things are added and worked on. If that means that slicers need to be removed, then I’m fine with it. Right now I feel like I have too many random problems to make using the Flux effortless and enjoyable.


For the Laser engraver. Showing frame more than once. Maybe show it until i ptess stop. Now its fiddly to correct the Position of the workpiece with starting the Showing frame cycle over and over again


I agree. I periodically get a crc file error when going to print, never had this before with any other versions but in 9.7 have this error.