Detect arc print using G2 G3 command

Hi guys. Is the driver board able to process G2 / G3 arc commands? I design mainly in sketchup atm, which is great, but the circle / arc quality is not so good. Vectrix Vcarve pro will import sketchup files and convert poor quality curves to arcs. Simplify3D also did this but they had to drop is as a lot of driver boards were incapable of working with arcs.

So will FLUX be able to convert to and use arcs for printing?

I hope that they can! This is a limitation of many consumer 3D printers…

However, until we have support for better 3D model files, everything is polygons without curves anyway. STL and AMF files are still a mesh of triangles.

Yep that’s true. But we could build the intelligence into the slicer, as far as I can see nothing stopping post slice optimization to convert to arcs, once everything is Gcode it’s just maths to find and replace G1 moves with G2/3, relatively easy in the horizontal slice, but my head nearly exploded when I tried to work out how to do it in the vertical.

Probably a multi pass exercise. Once you have a horizontal arc you have a center, you could then test the slices against that center to see if it’s a compound curve, you would then have to go back and adjust the arcs on each slice to generate arcs between the slices.

There’s also the processing power limitation… Current Arduino based control boards are pretty heavily taxed by the positioning calculations and inverse kinematics of moving a Delta machine. That’s why so many Rostock and Kossel folks are switching to SmoothieBoards or CRAMPS. A lot of the manufacturers are slimming down their fork of the Repetier/Marlin firmware to buy back some of that processing overhead by removing unnecessary features and functions, and it helps.

Hi! The processor in FLUX is powerful enough to deal with the calculation of arcs, but the G2/G3 command haven’t been implemented. It will be on the to-do list!

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That’s great, thanks for the update.

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