Delta Firmware 1.6.58 Change log


FLUX Delta Firmware 1.6.58 Change log


  • Improve USB cable stability

You’ll also need FS 0.8.1 to take advantage of this improvement

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What manner of sorcery is this? :fearful:

How does a firmware and app update make a physical cable more stable?


To everyone who has not updated yet hold off…

My wifi seems to have stopped after the update.

Testing the new USB Cable now.

All I got is a white flashing flux logo now and no connection at all… no USB and no WiFi

USB driver seems to have installed fine.

When I do a long press on the Flux logo Button I get white and orange flashing lights :frowning:

@proclaim any ideas ?

another update: USB hub or not… USB2 or 3 does not a difference

trying this now wish me luck
" press and hold the button and then plug the power in. If you can see a red-white blinking signal, release the button and see if the machine can go home after it finished its recovery mode. The machine will be reset to default"

Which is not helping either it seems… still flashing white / orange after like 15 minutes :frowning:


Thanks for the heads-up!


Seems it was just some flashing hickup…

After trying all sorts of things…

I reflashed and was finally able to get wifi working again with the help of the upgrade kit cable :slight_smile:

Well not totally fixed it seems… now I get a lot of these before I try to print


Phew! I was looking at the changelong and wondering if I should apply it before doing 'ma Benchy… (but will hold off as this firmware has only just rolled out anyway). However it will go on after the Benchy is done. The CRC32 is a known issue in Flux Studio 0.8.1

I’ve also been getting more of the check wifi status errors of late, but no #124 unable to calibrate origin yet (and it being #124 is just plain confusing, as isn’t it also the error number for another fault)??


It does it by strengthening the electron flow within the cable, through increasing the charge to the Flux capacitors :laughing: :laughing:

Oh you silly Booze… you know perfectly well it improves the stability of the USB cable DRIVER! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You never know with FLUX Team, maybe, just maybe they figured out some Nicolai Tesla level kind of stuff and put it in the software…

Whatever issues you guys are having with the software updates, it must be Windows only because I updated everything yesterday, and then plugged in @mc_ott Cura2 settings. So far, I am very impressed, Michael has crafted a really good set of adjustments that produce good results and print fairly quickly too.

My Benchy is printing now, 5 hours in to a 10 hour job… :slight_smile: Actually, the Benchy is done, but somehow, there is a big massive torture cube being built around the Benchy. I shall christen her the S.S. Aussie!


I wouldn’t put it past them! :laughing:

Well, I got the CRC32 issue, but it’s a known issue, and it behaved when I did it the second time, so that was fine. I printed two bencies using mc_otts settings (wasn’t happy with some of the first, and filament reel was a bit knotted, so did the second to make sure it wasn’t a filament issue). I also sent one to the Trinus using the stock Simplyfy3D settings… it took twice as long… but it is way better than twice as good. I’ll take some pictures in the morning once there is some decent sunlight for pictures. I will use the same filament on the Flux Delta, and try again… but I’m wondering whether to use mc_otts settings again (maybe I should, to rule out filament characteristics, as the Trinus is currently using Polymaker PLA) and then might also try a stock Simplify3D print… will be my first Simplyfly3D print on the Delta :wink:

Maybe we need a separate benchy thread… we seem to be talking about benchies in several threads now… rather than their OT! :laughing:


Yes, we probably need a Benchy thread, and you missed all the fun on the FB page yesterday regarding the Makers Muse review too. :laughing: