Decimal placement


I have noticed that with some .stl files the flux studio will move a decimal point and completely throw off the sizing of the 3d model. (EX: 64.5mm becomes 6.45mm) Anyone else had this problem? I usually found this issue when the model is made by an unknown program. I use tinkercad and never have issues.


If tinkercad is good why will you use other one?



I have only noticed with files that were generated with tinkercad. When I use stl that were created with other programs, I did not have that issue. This is my experience…


Not sure you understood. It’s models made by others from programs that are unknown to me. It’s not me making them on unknown programs.


Well that’s just weird ha ha


I understand now. I get the issue when I use files that someone generated in tinkercad and I import it into Flux studio. I don’t have this happen 100% of the time, but it happens only with files that were made by someone using Tinkercad. :slight_smile:


I get the exact opposite issue oddly enough.


Funny. No consistency… Lets add this bug for 9.4 among the others… Hopefully they fix the OSX issue, the slicer issue,
etc. I have not received any feedback from the support ticket I created last week.


Flux Studio decimal point movement Any info you might want to add there it is.


To me, it sounds like the units that the software creating the STL is using are off… Almost every program that uses STL files saves them with mm as the default. Whatever exported those must have been set to cm instead.

At least it’s an easy scale to figure out and fix manually.


oh, this is the reason to avoid it. And try for a new one. lol