Cutting speeds — how fast do you go?

I’m finding that my Beambox wobbles too much for vector cuts and engraving at about 20 mm/s and faster (though much faster works okay for raster fill). I’ve been staying at 15 mm/s and slower.

How fast are the rest of you able to cut?

What do you mean by “wobbles”?, The entire box? The laser tube? The mount for the figuring lens? The focusing lens? I’m just a user, but I don’t have any wobble. Wherever you have the woke, unless the box is not on a firm flat surface, should be a warranty issue.

I meant that the cutting path wobbles. But if you hold your hand against the case, it’s easy to feel the wobble whenever the head changes direction at high acceleration.

I have the BBPro weighing about 44kg (~100 lbs) and it doesn’t move/wiggle during operation regardless of speed. Thoughts: 1. Insert wedges/rubber cushions under the 4 feet so the BB case does not move no matter how you push it in all 4 directions; 2. Stay at 100mm/sec or less for speed… not because it wobbles but it’s almost impossible to run the same paths twice if you approach 150 mm/sec (I’d like to know what the 150mm/sec speed is intended for); 3) if at 100 mm/sec and after leveling/cushioning the 4 feet you still get/see a wobble anywhere I would contact flux under their warranty. I might do it at 150 mm/sec too because as they design the machine for it, the machine should be able to handle such speeds.

I also have the Pro. I don’t have problems with the case moving around; it’s the cutting path wobbles that are the problem. It is due to play or slippage in the gearing or the motors, I think. The offsets are small but they add up over an extensive cut until eventually the cut is visibly off-track. I discovered this in an unfortunately expensive way, carefully testing my irreplaceable material with little tests to zero in on the speed and power, and then finding that the machine couldn’t handle the more complex path at that speed. That piece of material can’t be replaced at all because it’s a timber that’s no longer harvestable. It was such a terrible waste.

So you manage to get up to 100 mm/s? That’s around where I hoped mine would be performing. I asked Flux a week or two ago what cutting speeds they engineered for but they haven’t answered yet. Hence my wondering what speeds others are managing to get.

Maybe it depends a lot on what we are cutting, too. I have been outlining fiddly things like text that involve a lot of directional changes. But even when I’ve tested many-sided regular polygons, I see the same misalignments accrue.