Cutting model parts instead of removing raft

Especially with thin horizontal walls direct to the build plate removing the raft is kind of tricky, if not annoying … because the internal structure of the wall gives way to the cutting tool much easier than the small “gap” between raft and model.
That easily annihilates hours of printing in a second.

How can one avoid this eventually?

Miscut Model

This looks like a model that could easily be printed without a raft.
I am very happy with my on a glass plate.
First testprint with LokBuild

I’ll give that a try … as it is available around here (in Belgium) :slight_smile:
My part has a horizontal draft angle - invisible to the naked eye - at its bottom,
so I decided to print it with a draft plate.

Unfortunately, your link is “private” so I can’t see your test print.
Eventually it helps to pre-heat the build plate a little just before printing?
Or choose a more massive variant of internal structure…

I think the broken link is just an accidental double paste : First testprint with LokBuild

Another option may be to get some of these sheets. I’m looking at receiving a Kodama Trinus printer shortly, and one of the forum members over there recommended them saying they were cheap and did the job. :wink:

Yep … the link works fine.

Funny thing - I ordered me a Kodama Trinus, too :slight_smile: … but I’m looking forward to convert it into a miniature mill.
If I find the time. First, I want to experiment with its dual extrusion, one running plastic and the other soluble support.

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Since installing my borosilicate glass bed, I almost never print objects with a raft. When I do use the raft, I find that it’s hard to remove it without damaging the print (if I can remove it at all). The challenge is now on getting perfect adhesion every time (with AquaNet spray). There are still cases when a raft (and supports) is indispensable. Diagonal cutters, finishing files, and a hobby knife are nearby.

A note on Raft separation, try different Z-distance setting in Support in Expert mode. In my experience, I found by setting it to 0.5 or even 0.6, (depending on the filament) I can get cleaner separation from the Raft.

I’ll give the Z distance option a try … as soon as the print head is operational again (multiple disconnect UH-OHs this night). In the mean time, we designed a 3mm x 8mm (DxL) pin under the flat surface of our parts to enforce support structure between raft and part.

Btw., a spare print head would come in handy … this morning an email said “To FLUX Delta Users - Product Improvement and Upgrade Kit” - perfect!
Where to buy? When available? Urgent! (I’ll better make a new thread out of it)