Cutting 8mm Mdf

I’m wondering if anyone has any tips on cutting through 8mm mdf on a Beambox pro. Tried to in the early days of having the machine with a lot of charring and not much success. Only have a small project to do, so not something that will be ongoing.

Hi MrsC

first of all, I have a Hexa and not a Beambox Pro (i think the BBP is 50W, and mine is 60W so not that much difference) In BeamBox Studio, cutting wood (again: for Hexa) of 8mm is 65% power at 3mm/sec at one pass. That seems to me kinda pushing things to the limit of my machine, so I assume you’re probably gonna need 2 passes to cut entirely through it. If I remember correctly there’s somewhere an option to adjust the Z axis for multiple runs, so your laser focuses just a little deeper on the material in order to get a better cut. If you’re interested I can take a closer look and get back to you on how it’s done. You won’t get rid of any charring though, the laser beam is a cone with a focal point on where it cuts. So if the focal point is in the middle of your MDF (4mm down) you’ll get charring on the surface since it’s not focussed there.
I hope I was not too chaotic in my explanation but feel free to post more questions.

happy beamboxing!