Cura2 Infinite Loading Time



I just download the FS 0.9.0 and update the firmware.
when i import the object to print, the bar on the left stuck at 5%,
if i go to preview, it said writing STL.
I left it for Hours, but not progress at all.

If I change it into Slic3r or CURA , it will process under 1 minutes.

Tried to reload, restart, and re install, but not working with Cura2 .
Any tips will be great.



I have one model that is the opposite. Cura and cura 2 load almost instantly. Slic3r sits there forever. It appears to only be the one model however. Others I’ve tried load in all three and I’ve been happily switching back and forth to see what works best where.

I’d also love to see what others suggest though when different slicing software cops and dies in a model. I will eventually likely make the jump to s3d as well (but we only moved in June and we’re still setting up the place so that takes precedence where the checkbook is concerned).