Cura2 and FS settings


Thought to start a new topic to continue @mc_ott idea of “setting up a standard Expert mode setting and a standard print file for people to try and compare their hardware”.
See his post here: Head dragging on print when moving to new postion

This is my benchy using FS 0.81, Flux firmware: 1.6.56, and toolhead firmware: 1.2.18.
Filament: FLUX PLA white
With standard FS 0.8.1 Cura2 settings:

…and this benchy was done using mc_ott’s CURA2 settings:

This is the bottom of the two. Original settings on the Left, mc_ott’s settings on the Right…


@Mattman nice idea and a quick comment.
Maybe using my settings without modifying the print temperature may not do justice to Flux-Delta since filaments would have different Best Print temperature settings. I don’t have a solution but a suggestion to experiment for best temperature and maybe post it at the same time with the filament make or source. Of course these results will not be absolute either since temperature sensors also have variability.


I think my Delta hates me… Simplify3D + Flux Delta = 'ol clunky spaghetti monster. Please note however, this is Benchy #6 in my Delta fleet… and the prior one with the cura default settings was the best of the lot from the Delta so far, with cura2 in second place, and mc_otts settings in third place… definitely filament specific though, as the Flux PLA performed better than the Polymaker grey filament in this printer (my Trinus loves it, but obviously not the Delta). I’ll do some more pictures in the next day or so and show them all off so you can tell me how badly I’ve stuffed things up! :wink:


it’s ok, it’ll love you when you give it a chocolate extruder ::wink:


Yeah mine hates my a lot at the moment too but not as bad as yours.

Looks like a lot of under extrusion… temp too low ? Nozzle clogged ?


Marginly lower than usual… 195c from the third layer onwards… That was the worst print of the lot.


Ok, fiddling around with temp and other things a lot too, have some issues with the filement curling up on my bechies :frowning:

Perhpas another issue besides temp but not sure yet.


As promised… (or was it threatened?)… here is my collection of benchies from the few very unscientific tests I did the other week… notes at to settings used are in the desc of the prints. Best by far from the Delta was the cura settings… but the Kodama Trinus print (which I’ve still to add to the album) beat the Delta hands down :open_mouth:

Flickr Test 3D Prints Album


That album looks like a boat wrecking yard, sorry for :laughing:!
Good work on documenting the prints, I should start doing the same.
I also find, so far, Cura prints with Flux are more successful than Cura2 in general. Maybe because I am still not comfortable with all the Cura2 parameters.


lol… indeed it does… no complaints here… I’m quite fond of my spaghetti monster benchy :wink: One thing it does indicate is that I got much better results using your settings when using the Flux PLA, and it went to hell in a handbasket when I changed to the Polymaker PLA… but then cura gave the best results. Plus the S3D default settings don’t seem to work well with the upgrade extruder… :laughing: :laughing:

I forgot to mention this would have been with Flux Studio 0.8.0 or a late 0.7.x, machine firmware 1.6.56 and toolhead firmware 1.2.13.


OMG…sunken shipyard :grinning:. I think you have a bad filament in my opinion.


Yeah, quite possible the Flux just doesn’t like it… it works absolutely perfectly in the Trinus printer which it came with, using the same temperature settings, but some of the configurations didn’t work very well with it at all on the Flux! :’(


Really! How could that be possible? What’s your finding on the differences between the twos? Your cooling blowers inside a tool head are still working? I think a filament doesn’t cool fast enough to adhere on top of each other layer.


As far as I know… I’ll double check… been a while since I checked them… I was having more ‘not waiting for the glue to set’ impatience issues with adhesion more than anything, hence why I switched back to the buildtak mat. and I just realised I may have stuffed up the S3D first layer on one of the prints myself… was playing with the processes and changing infill and the like, and might have actually had the first layer turned off! lol :open_mouth: :zipper_mouth:

In the case of the spaghetti monster benchy… it was more a case of under-extrusion… nowhere near enough filament being pushed through. When playing ‘dumb’ and just using the defaults, the cura2 settings with the polymaker grey were the best, cura2 was 'ok, but clunky so the extruder settings still weren’t right, and I’ve simply never gotten the print quality I got from the Trinus, and that is with an unlevel bed and still not dialed int settings. Have a look at bunch of photos in the set… the trinus print (which only ran for a bit longer than the delta… maybe 30 minutes) was that good that you could read the name of the benchy clearly :wink:

Having said that… I know my poor baby has done better… so it’s just a matter of tinkering with the settings again :wink: :hear_no_evil:

Funnily enough, I loaded a new reel of filament that I hadn’t used before from a local supplier… and hardly a clunk from the 'ol girl… :confused: Will be interesting to see what happens when I get my hands on some eSun PLA/PLA+… then the fun can begin! :wink:


Dude, you can tought s3D by someone i mentioned before, just ask him, just because your the only one who doesn’t almost need help doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask :wink: