Cura settings and tests


I was playing around a bit with cura and I created a profile which is not perfect yet but works…

Cura flux profile 0.15mm

Cura has a very interesting feature that simplify 3d does not or at least not that I know.

I made 2 test files in cura and exported the gcode…

Both a hallow vase mode cubes.

changes the flow rate from 110% - 90% in steps 2% every 5 mm

changes the temp from 215-185 in stemps of 3 degress every 5 mm

Good for testing new filaments…

edit: about 4-5grams of filament per test.

edit2: I am a bit amazed with colorfab pla/pha the layers bond well at every temp but 185-191 degrees look a bit matte and some slight artefacts. I probably will go with 200-203 degreees for that

Using SD or Flash Drive for prints

You can do this in S3D by creating a new process for each change (or combination thereof) you want to make and have those changes apply to a range of layers. You link them together and run them to print the model. S3D has a ‘vase’ mode (single wall spiral) as well.

Nice that you are discovering these capabilities in Cura.


I did it with the “Tweak at Z” plugin that comes with cura works quite well.

Ok thanks for the tip… I just had a look at a video were someone uses that in simplify 3d :slightly_smiling:


Which version of Cura are you using? Is it the “classic” version or the newer Beta?


The classic version, 15.04.06…
I did install the newer beta but it does not support delta printers yet :disappointed:

There is craftware too which is the best free slicer in my opinion… unfortunatly the last version I tried has a bug where it does not save machine settings.

In my opinion close to simlify 3d but free…


@Tiwaz, very good post, just to note that the flow rate file dont’ work on Flux printer. It use the gcode command “M221” that seams not to be supported by Flux software. (M221 = Set extrude factor)

@proclaim, any chance to include M221 as a valid command for Flux?



Thanks very much for making these! I was setting out to make my own, so you just saved me a bunch of time.


Wow, this post came back from the dead…

A lot of these features are now available in the new Cura 2.5 if you haven’t tried it out yet.


Is there a certain file I need to download to use cura? I can’t see the printer in the list…should I go to custom? Or is there a driver file?


LOL, saw your post on FB Was wondering how long it would take you to figure out you need settings :slight_smile:


yes you do need settings or you do a custom printer… I would share my settings but I had some wierd things happenings when using cura 2.5 and at some point I gave up an want back to simplify 3d.


Haha! You’re getting to know me well…lol!! Cakes yes I can do…3d printers…not so much lol…but it’s a learning curve…one which I am enjoying climbing :grin::grin:


Thank you :blush: I am very new to 3d printing…but am so excited of the prospects…
Will try tinkering :blush:


I did play around a bit more with Cura 2.5 and I think I nearly got it were I want :wink:

here are the settings if someone want to try:

printing a benchy now, curious to see how that turns out.


benchy 0.2 layers same profile


I’ll give your Cura 2.5 profile a try @Tiwaz that’s actually a good looking Benchy. It looks just as good as the one I got straight from FLUX Studio with Cura2 slicer, and actually the interior (steering wheel) looks a little bit cleaner.

Dharmesh is getting hooked deep, only been up and running for a short time and already getting deep into external slicers :smile: LOL


Yep…getting myself into all sorts of mischief :wink::grin::grin:


some interesting new things in there.

like for example:

Support meshes. It’s now possible to load an extra model that will be used as a support structure.


Whoa… cool!

Support Marvins everywhere. Downloading now :slight_smile:


And this :slight_smile:
Mold. This is a bit of an experimental improvement. Users can use it to print a mold from a 3D model, which can be cast afterwards with the material that you would like your model to have.