Constantly getting "Ran out of filament error"


You can turn the detection off in File/Preferences/Machine - Filament Detection OFF
That’s how I leave it set and just weigh the filament before using it if I am concerned about it running out.


Awesome, I’d overlooked that setting in there.


Yes, unfortunately, the hotend cools off almost instantly for everything now, including pauses for filament changes :frowning:

I removed that sensor a long time ago after it derailed the filament one too many times and killed another print. Just jumpered the connector. I do the same with weight or measurement on really long prints.

To be honest, on those long overnight prints I don’t sleep well anyway and usually end up getting up every few hours to check on them anyway. I am not really sure why though, with the bowden setup, especially the long tube style on the FLUX once the filament runs out, there really isn’t a good, easy, reliable way to reload it quickly. It can be done, but success ratio isn’t great unless you decouple the PTFE connector from the hotend to remove what is in the tube and do a full reload, but you can’t use the Load function in the middle of a print. And the nozzle is cold, so no matter what, it may ‘airstrude’ for a few seconds.


Given that there is still enough filament on the spool for the print, another problem can literally disrupt the printing process: Filament becomes intertwined (is that the word for it?) on the spool itself and is finally ruptured at the entry to the (new) transport mechanism.

So the little switch there is a good idea, until it goes defunct (broken). Then one has to live without filament detection and take care for it manually.


why is this problem on for so long?? even i used to get it before i disabled filament detection in preferences.


In my experience, filament entanglement occurs during spool changes, when the loose filament slips from your hand and rewinds itself on the spool in between loose rows, thus causing entanglements after printing some length. Some say “cheap” filament could also be a source of the problem but, although I buy cheap PLA, I never had that happen.


I removed the sensor and disabled it… makes loading the filament easier :slight_smile:

The laser poles are not in mine anymore either :wink:

Yes I am nearly down to a bare bones printer :slight_smile:


whoa what! the fila sensor was OKish but the laser poles! why did you have to do that? :slight_smile:
nearly, still need to modify steel ball joints so it can’t be interchanged with drawing, engraving, cutting :wink:


they kept popping up and I don’t need the scanning function, it is not that great anyway.

Flux was my 2nd 3d printer I got and backed and way better than my first one, which was an M3D (yes not a fan, never buying one of theirs again).

I quite like it but one thing I learned is don’t get a printer with a lot of “fancy” stuff I don’t need.

My wish is that they make a V2 without scanner but leave the camera and a fixed toolhead (no magnetic rods) would be a plus.

Makes me think… do it like Kodama with the Obsidian and offer 2 or 3 models :wink:


@Tiwaz I received the upgrade kit a while ago and finally had time to install it. The scanner poles are now erected with small magnets instead of the strong springs as before, now the springs simply just work as an aid to pop them up a bit so they wont pop the plate upwards.

The filament extruder got an update too with larger gear teeth, and the component looks sturdy, unfortunately the “Ran out of filament error” still occurs. I still have to turn off filament detection.


Interestingly, my out of filament issue (even after replacing the sensor turned out to be a faulty crimp on the plug to the sensor module, After carefully soldering the wire back on the connector it’s been working perfectly


Now I’m getting the “Out of Filament” error. Even after turning off the filament sensor option in preferences. I’m running red filament, the same I’ve been running for weeks. (I don’t print a lot). I did the whole Delta+ upgrade a few months back.
Now I’ll have to open up the head again and take a look at the sensor connections…