Chrome failure of magnets


On occasion one would expect the chrome on the rod end spheres to wear out and need replacing. But my newest machine - less than five months old - has lost most of the chrome on the spheres AND off of the bearing carriage socket magnets! They have rough edges now that are causing a lot of wobble and failure.

The store is out of stock. The photo is poor but you can kind of see shavings and rough edges.


Ouch! That’s a PITA. Are they warranty exempt on the Delta+ under a wear-and-tear clause or, given the machine is less that 5 months old, are they covered by warranty?

I notice that the store page indicates: “This part is for users who have redesign needs, FLUX Inc. does not provide tutorials.”, which seems to imply that this is not a user serviceable part. Also, a complete carriage is not available in the store so, in the event of this happening on the original Delta’s, would we be expected to ship the entire device back to Flux for resolution? If so, that would be prohibitively expensive for me.


Well, I’ve done a lot of work on my original KS Flux. I ordered the bearing covers (carriages) even though they are not listed. Got them and replaced them. I have had to replace the magnets from to old cases into the new ones. No problem. But I need them to be back in stock.


With 1000’s of hours on your printheads, I expect you have done a lot of work on your machines :smiley:

I expect that you represent the extreme end of the spectrum of users and have pushed your devices to the edge of their limits (and maybe beyond) and will have lots of tips and insights to share with us returning users and newbies alike!!

I’m not adverse to tinkering with my machine (spent the last 12months building drones), I was just a little surprised at how thin the store is on replacement parts, but if we are still able to get spares that aren’t listed in the store, I’m significantly less concerned that minor damage will result in a beautifully designed paperweight. Although running out of stock is a little worrisome. Hopefully just a temporary measure though.


Hi Michael, check out my previous post about this issue> Magnetic socket wear
While you are waiting for new parts you can get it working again with sand paper and blu tack.


Thanks for that! Good info!


I have 0ver 1100 hours which almost means I have been printing since I have received the machine. After reading the post on this subject I inspected all the bearings and found all have damage. Question now is do new bearings have chrome parts included? Where can I get a parts list?


is there any where else we can get the magnets?


Hi Ray, there is no parts list but I got 12 magnets and 6 metal rods from Flux to fix my printer>

I don’t know where else you can get them from.