Changing Settings while printing


Will it ever be possible to change some settings while printing? For example the speeds and the temperature? That would be very nice


I don’t know if the FLUX studio is capable of that but I have been learning about simplify3D and it states that you are able to change settings but only as part of the original print. For example, you are able to print at .5mm for the base and then half way, you are able to have it print at .3 or whatever you desire.

At least in S3D, the option is there.


This could add on the complexity of using, but this is acutally a frequently used feature when I were using reprap


Right, S3D lets you apply multiple slicing profiles to the same object. I’m not aware of any programs that let you change the GCode in mid-print though. I’ve wondered about it before, but don’t know that it exists.


Maybe not modify g code while printing but you could possibly have “Override” controls in Flux Studio to modify how the machine functions while printing.


Yes, exactly what i mean.

Something like the control panel in Simplify3d


I found myself wishing for an extrusion speed override tonight. I have filament from Rigid.Ink that needs the extrusion multiplier set to 0.97 else the feeder goes clack every 10 minutes. So ten minutes into a 4 hour print and it goes clack and I realise I’d forgotten to set it. I just hope the feeder going clack every 10 minutes isn’t causing any damage.


FLUX has stated to me awhile back that maybe they are seriously contemplating on changing the USB function for that option. I hope they do, because that will make use of controlling the FLUX completely.

For now, that option is not a working one.


I would like another manual control. Z-offset in 50 micron adjustments while printing.
This is so I can rescue a failing print which is clearly too close to the build plate and the nozzle is bumping into squished plastic on every pass. It is tedious to have to stop the print, scrape off the failed print, re-apply the glue, go into advanced settings and add 0.1 to the Z-offset and then restart the print (and watch as another bead of plastic from the nozzle threatens to upset the calibration while running round after the print head flicking zits of plastic off the print bed).
I have had to set the Z-offset to 0.1 with Delta 1.1.2 and on both FS 0.3.7 and 0.3.8. for this issue.