Change travel speed

Is there any way to change the travel speed of the laser ? the movement between engravings ?

For example when using the rotary tool I have some issues. The cylinder is rotated pretty fast and sometimes slips. So the design looks crooked. Tried putting something heavy inside but will not work with any type of object.

I would want to set it so it moves slower between lines and of course while engraving keeps my assigned settings

Thanks !

Hi InGraver

I know it’s not an answer to your question (and I honestly doubt there will be one, at least not the one you would like to hear :)) but I’m assuming you’re engraving on something “slippery” like for instance a glass. Have you tried putting masking take on the glass (all around) on a place where you’re not engraving? This should give the glass more grip on the rotary tool.

Also, I’m -just like you- very much in favor of more control of the head movements and, in general, more control of the machine. Speed of the head when not engraving is also controlled by g-code (or custom g-code), but still, controllable.

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Thanks Bekie for the reply !
Actually I was trying to engrave some cardboard cylinders. It is hard pressed to engraving looks very good on them. The problem was that it was very light and would slip on the rotary tool. Some designs would look like the Tower of Pissa. :))

Tried filling it with a bottle of water, filler to the brim. Found one that is a tight fit. But still slips a bit, depending on the design and the tool path.

And talking about more control, I also have no idea how/if I can modify it’s engraving path. IE I have 4 objects to engrave. Sometimes it engraves all 4 at once, some times 1 and 3 at once, then it goes back and does 2 and after that 4…

I do my designs in Inkscape and sometimes modifies my dimensions due to some weird different standards about pixel sizes: Inkscape vs. Illustrator svg size handling - #6 by polarbrainfreeze - Everything Else - Glowforge Owners Forum

As a laser it’s decent, but would want/need more control !

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You could try raising a ticket with support. I’ve noticed their response is quite swift and they take every complaint seriously. If the issue is “bad enough” to be resolved, and it’s not impossible, chances are they’ll put it on their backlog to be implemented in some future release. Beam Studio could certainly use some extra features for more control of the laser.
Back on-topic, and just a wild suggestion: what about a rubber band? (or two) around the cylinder and both of the rotary arms… That should keep things in place more sturdy. Of course, if your cylinder can’t handle it you’ll just squeeze it. Worth a shot!

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