Careful with the scraper tool


I’ve been using the scraper tool that’s provided with the Flux printer to both remove the printed model from the base and to remove the raft from the printed model afterwards. I don’t know how it happened, but the scraper tool has developed a chink, or a chip. In trying to remove old glue from the baseplate, I have put a terrible gouge in the metal. It will work still, but it’s ugly. If you run your finger along the edge of the scraper tool, you can feel the chip in it… Or you might call it a burr. So be careful out there!

FLUX Delta - FAQ

So sorry to hear! This is why I opted for the BuildTak material, in hopes that it would be a good solution in both print build adhesion and plate protection.


Also note that it will wear off grid lines on the baseplate. My sister worked it too hard, when she realized it, parts of the grid line faded.


How well does that BuildTak works? I’ve been curious about it.


The side of the plate with the grid is for scanning, drawing, and laser engraving. The blank side is intended for printing.


Amen! I did not realize that until it was too late and had already scratch the pattern lines :confused:


The BuildTac works pretty well. I do add a very light layer of glue stick to the surface as I’ve experienced the print becoming loose during the building phase. Also, it does a great job protecting the bare metal as well. I’m very pleased so far.


Ah, thanks! now I know it. But I think it’s not for scanning since we need to take it off when scanning? : p