Carbon Fiber Filament

Every time i see someone talking about carbon fiber 3d printing i think of which is actually really impressive. I’d like to make something print carbon fiber and epoxy for the flux. The article links to the published whitepaper.

I’ve got some of the Proto-Pasta Carbon Fiber filament. It’s a bit pricey (about the same as nylon filaments) but seems to be good stuff. I’m saving it for a laser cutter project that needs the extra rigidity, but my friends that have already used it say that it’s amazing to print with. They said that it’s even more printer friendly than standard PLA. Like switching from ABS to PLA all over again.

If I break out my CF filament soon, I’ll make sure to post about it.

ColorFabb also released carbon fiber filament -

Might be able to make your own.
I haven’t tried it out myself but they sell both the filament and pellets to make your own

Just make a pellet extruder and print directly with the pellets.

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for joining the conversation so late, I have been so busy lately!

We will try these filament on FLUX very soon:

Carbon Fiber Filament
Proto Pasta

Taulman Bridge

All of these filament claim that they are way stronger than normal ABS/PLA, and that they can operate just like filament we usually use.
Do you have any suggestions or other recommended filament for us before we start conducting the test? Or what model would you like to see us printing?