Canadian backers: How much did you pay for duty/taxes?

I have received notification that my Flux Delta will be shipped in a week or so.

Any backers from Canada received their printer yet? How much duty/taxes did you have to pay?

Received mine Tuesday, Taxes and duty = $110

I am in Ottawa; mine arrived on March 28 and tax+duty $109.69.

i am in south korea. krw 154,360 about $134.

From Toronto and the cost was $105 CAD

Mine were about $110 as well. That is Canadian dollars too.

Thanks guys! So I can expect somewhere around $110 CAD.

I’m looking forward to receiving my printer!

Mine was a lot cheaper. GST and duty to Calgary was only $49.43 (with laser module and two spools of filament)

Interesting. Must be the HST in Ontario. I’m in BC so maybe I won’t get charged PST? I guess I’ll have to wait and find out.

Just paid my taxes/duty to DHL. It was $96. Should be able to pick up my printer tomorrow. YAY!

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BTW, I received another filament missed in the first shipment and I did not get charged any taxes/duty. It also arrived really fast from the shipping notification to door.

Just picked up from Edmonton, AB $48.10 CAD

Lucky guys in Alberta without the PST.