Can one make a case easily from a 3D model

I am trying to make a weather proof case for a H5D camera.

Waterproof housings run about 10,000USD

I am thinking that something to keep the rain out should be possible.

I have found a 3D model of the camera on Turbosquid.

my question is how would one go about using that model to make the outside?

There are loads of pre-made models for go pro cameras and the like.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

Hi William,

Not being an expert in the matter per say, I would not consider PLA as permanent weather shield as this material in not UV compatible and biodegradable (water permeable) and would recommend printing in ABS instead for all outdoor prints in general… Hope this helps.



You may also use PET filament, for the outdoor-use. And PET is printable with the flux, not as ABS

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I’m sure that people have done this, but I can’t find an example off hand. If you can’t find it on Thingiverse, you can always do a search on Yeggi or Yobi.

Here are some other diving related prints that I’ve seen. Perhaps you could learn something useful about designing waterproof parts from these threads.

All great answers thanks

Right. I am just looking for weather resistant at this point not diving.

I was thinking to coat the print in a rubber or latex after?

PET? Has anyone used that yet with the FLUX I wonder?


You can use a clear epoxy paint to encapsulate your prints. SmoothOn makes a product called XtC or something like that, that’s specifically designed (read as ‘marketed’) to coat prints.

IMHO, just about anything clear will work as long as it cures in a reasonable time for what you’re doing. My friend used a clear epoxy coating that he already owned (sorry, I don’t recall what it was) and put the part on his RotoMaak so that it wouldn’t drip or sag while it dried. It turned out really nice.

**edit In hindsight, I guess that the coating being clear isn’t actually important at all as long as it has the right material properties. The advantage to clear is just that you can show off your prints and their color underneath.

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