Camera monitoring works in FS-v0.3.8!

I just noticed the Camera button in the Progress Monitor and it is working almost real-time with excellent video picture!

@simon, @Jim, and Flux Team, Thanks and good work.
Now all I want a Filament Change option and “layer number” progress indication (instead of “Working” next to Toolhead)!


Yeah it works. Thanks.

That is great news!!!

But I don’t know for how long the camera stop working…

For those that have the camera monitoring working, do you guys have Delta Fw V1.1.2?
It’s not working on V1.0b20

Yes, I installed the latest firmware

I tried it first with the 1.0b20, which doesnt work. Then i update it to the latest firmware and it works. Via remote desktop, you may control the printer now also on the mobile, what makes me very happy

Confirmed…it’s working nicely.

Correction…it stopped working after about 1.5 hrs. I’m just getting a broken image icon now. Stopping & restarting the camera doesn’t change anything.

IT is working perfectly for me, 20 minutes so far no problem

Just need the mobile app

Sometime it does stop operating, if I remember right in both Win10 and OS X, I think mainly after the computer goes to sleep. To restart the camera, I quit FS and start the app again and video comes back, at least in my case.

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I really agree with your answer.Even I am also confronting with the same sort of circumstances.I just want to include that My new Arlo Pro 2 is setup (including software/Firmware updates) and working aboslutely fine for all features and functions except one for a couple of weeks. I am unable to access the stream via Google home. Google Home is responding that “it looks like the stream is currently unavailable from the Arlo.”.Suggest us what to follow out regarding the arlo pro add on camera?