Camera is CRAZY Bad on the Beambox Pro!

I’m sure this is no surprise to anyone who owns a Pro, but come on! This is ridiculous for a “Pro” version of anything! How am I supposed to use something as “precise” as a laser cutter to cut something when I can’t even remotely begin to properly register something?

If anyone knows if there is something wrong with my machine, or if there is a “hack”, please, for the love that all that is Holy, TELL ME NOW! I can’t do my job like this!

Also, why can’t I upload a picture here? I keep getting an error that “The difference between the request time and the current time is too large.”

In the mean time, here is a link to a pic of what I’m talking about - this is a single pass of the region I’m trying to cut: Amazon Drive

That’s interesting. I’ve never had this problem except when my camera (or the image processing software, more accurately) needed calibrating.

I calibrate mine every morning. I WILL say that, ever since I updated my software, my calibration picture is like 10mm off in the Y every time! Is that the possible cause? If so, should I roll back back to an earlier version?

Hi guys
I have had my Pro since Christmas last year and use it each weekend, never had an issue with the camera .
I just turn it in and it does what I want , I only calibrate the camera every second month.
It has always been very accurate.
I have always found Flux support to be the most helpful people , just ask

I had years of trouble with the camera; it would work, it wouldn’t work, it would work for a while, it would work through part of a scan area and then stop; sometimes I could get it to start again and sometimes not; when extending a scan maybe it would match the previous and sometimes it was not even close. Oh, and sometimes it wouldn’t work (again). I worked with Flux and ended up replacing the camera (and its wiring) twice! It wasn’t until we found the USB extension cable (about 1 meter connecting the camera to the circuit board) had a short and I replaced it that things improved. Following that the camera worked… mostly. When it wouldn’t work or work completely one day it just might work the next day. But it got to the point of working 2/3rds of the time or better and a lot of my work wasn’t precision (I had identified my “0-x” and “0-y” that matched my top left corner in both Beam Studio and in the Beam Box Pro. So, not such a bad deal. And then, about 3 months ago it decided to work! Or an upgrade to Beam Studio; or a Firmware update; something seemed to settle things down. In that time, its worked about 98% of the time and when it doesn’t it always worked the next morning. Why? No clue but will stick with the upgraded software/firmware theory. I write all this to give hope, encourage full updates/upgrades, and recommend crossing fingers and carrying a rabbit’s foot (or magic of your choice). THAT ALL SAID, I currently get individual photos that are stitched together that don’t exactly match L/R and T/B… its almost like the photos are taken at a slight angle to the bed resulting in a slight parallelogram series of photos that stitch together, imperfectly, but good enough that the same places in each photo represents the same relative spot in the BeamBox Pro. That allows me to get an x and y axis and I know my Beam Studio “0”,“0” setting to place the top left corner of my workpiece. Its not a $12,000 machine (sigh).