Calibration Error #124 strange sounds



I just recieved my flux delta. I lubricated everything and turned on my flux deta. As soon as I turned on of the axes got stuck on the top part. I have been trying several times without any successful attempt. Please watch the video. I need help! :frowning:


Did you run the home calibration function? Does it pass the movement test?


Yes I did But As soon as I turn on It gets stuck as you see in the video. I tried many times to do movment test but It does not pass it. In my laptops says i have error #124. I did everything like lubrication all parts but nothing happens. Help!


There are three switches on the top which get hit by the axes so they know when to stop. For me, it looks like the third axis is not touching the switch. The axis is not parallel to the top cover so it touches the top on the left side, bevor the middle part can touch the switch. I don’t know why this happens, but you can try to fix the angle of the axis so that it is parallel to the top. Hope this helps.

Switch marked with an orange circle.


Thank you very much! I realize the machine was pretty beaten in that side as you told me. I opened the top part and try to fix that stuff. shipping handling was terrible. Thank good is working now. Thank you.