Bugs in Cura2 in FS v.0.9.0?


On Mac OS X Sierra, after setting the infill to Cubic and 0 percent in Cura2, and clicking Apply then checking the Preview shows NO infill the first time but if I go back to Advanced and change something else and clicking Apply again is setting the infill to default 10 percent. The only way to keep the infill at 0 percent is, after setting it to 0, click apply then Preview to verify and start the Print. Going back to Advanced and changing some other settings then clicking Apply is switching the infill back to default 10 in my case. Anybody else is having infill problems with Cura2?


mc_ott, you are correct, I can confirm the same behavior on my Mac OS X Sierra installation. Setting the infill to 0 and saving it, then going back in and changing something elsewhere and saving causes the infill to switch to 10. In my case, changed the first layer from 0.35 to 0.3 and hit apply. Going back to advanced and the infill tab, the value is 10. It also seems to do this with other infill types, not just Cubic.

I’ve also noticed that the clear scene menu (cmd-x) is always grayed out and the only way to remove an object it to select it and hit delete.


@Blesscat found another Bug, this one involves Skin setting. In Cura2 the skin count is wrong, there is an extra skin added during the printing. For instance set the skin to 1, you print 2 skin layers, set it to 2 and prints 3 skins, etc. It is hard to say from the Preview if there is an extra skin but printing shows.

Cura engine does not behave like that and works like before.


Hello, for the last few versions, with my printnz plate I never had to adjust the z-ooffset, the prints came ff easy. With version 9, I had to adjust the z-offset, don’t know what changed.


Thanks for the feedback!
we are going to investigate if any is happened.


This is a very strange thing, z-offset is all about the auto calibration, not FS,
we haven’t changed anything about that, could you please confirm everything is good if using previous version?




It works fin with 84.