Bug Report FLUX Studio 0.7.6


macOS 10.12.4

FLUX Studio 0.7.6

Allowing Mac to go into sleep mode while FLUX Studio is running and then waking from sleep, FLUX Studio fails to reconnect to FLUX Delta.

This has been a bug in FLUX Studio since 0.2.9 as far as I can tell, kind of a looooonnnnggg time to let it go unfixed.


I know, I’m sorry for this troubleeeeeeeeee. This is certainly on our list and we do hope we’ll get on it soooooooooooooon =(
(We’re currently focusing on auto testing procedure heavily)


Welcome Back!

Hope you had a great vacation!

We do miss you when you are gone. When Simon posts the release notes, it just is not the same as yours. We noticed.