Boon from 3DKitbash


Flux orange PLA, using FS 0.5.0 with the Cura slicer. Layer height 0.2mm and generally slow speeds around 30 mm/sec. You notice I have a glass build plate and I use hairspray to adhere the PLA…works like a charm! The model is designed in sections that come together with connectors that you print. Also, it is designed to print without supports. No rafts used except for the little arms which kept getting knocked over by the hotend. I noticed that the raft is very difficult to remove from the part, but I wanted to see how far FS has come along so I didn’t use S3D as I generally would. I must say I’m impressed as to the quality of the print and am amazed at how far the Flux Team has come with respect to improving the overall quality and usability of the Flux Delta. Kudos Flux Team!

The model can be purchased at the 3DKitbash site.


I got this model in their Black Friday sale! It’s wonderful. Still working on it. Green hatchbox pla at high quality. But the jaw got funky and I redid it in medium quality.


Finished. But the joints are too loose. May need to add some gum to the joints.