Blockage inside the printing toolhead heater block


Something weird happened today whilst printing. The filament stopped passing though the toolhead about an hour into the print and now, even whilst heating the toolhead to 220°C with the nozzle removed, I can’t pass anything (even wire) through the heater block. That is supposed to be a straight-through tube, right?

I am not sure what was in this cheap filament, but some of it went into my titanium nozzle and clogged it so badly that the clearing pin SNAPPED OFF INSIDE THE NOZZLE, so I think that is ruined.

Should I just get the toolhead back up to 220° and use brute force to push a 1.5mm hex key back up into the heater block to try and force the blockage back out the top?


There should be a PTFE lining tube in there (which may have been damaged and needs replacing?), so you won’t be able to use something larger than the filament. I would try heating it at the maximum temperature for a good 20 minutes, heating your intended insertion device up as well, and then trying to gently force it in. You should be able to bake your nozzle and get the PLA out of that also… it may just take some patience and quite a bit of heat…


I’ll try it out today.


So clearing the blockage involved destroying the non-stick liner.

It looks like an impurity in the Aurarum filament wouldn’t melt and formed a plug.

I put the plug and some of the same filament in boiling water. The filament sample could be squashed and deformed, but the plug could not. Fortunately, the replacement liner is only $2, but I bought a couple rolls of filament at the same time to make the minimum $16 shipping worthwhile :wink:

I also managed the remove the piece of clearing pin from my titanium nozzle, so everything is going to work out fine :smiley:


Aurarum filament is junk I’ve bough three rolls and each of them have had some sort of issue, good to see you fixed the issue