Black screen, model disappears


The GUI seems to have issues with the latest versions of FS: when hitting Start, the model disappears, the background goes black and the dashboard image remains empty as well (see attached image). After the print, the model does not reappear and I have to abort FS and restart.
Any ideas for a fix?

(I am using FS 0.8.2 on Mac OS X 10.12.3)

Thanks, Lars


Try switching anti-aliasing off see if that helps…


I’m on Windows, but I’m pretty sure this is the anti-aliasing option @mc_ott was referring to… just in case you’re not sure where it is! :wink:


Thanks @mc_ott + @pfeerick.
Will give it a try and keep you posted.


I had the same thing happen with anti-aliasing off but only once so far and it disapeared after restarting Flux Studio.