[Beta Tester] Faulty Feeding Mechanism


Hi there!

Got my Flux a week back and finally had time to set it up. So everything seems to be working just fine (camera, 3D print heating module, motors, and what-not), except for: the feeding mechanism in the top cap of Flux.

Whenever I load filament through Flux Studio, the feeder motors that are supposed to push the filament through make a noise and seem to move, and indeed feeds filament through, but only for a little bit before it stops (motors continue moving, but filament stops). If I manually push more filament through then the feeder catches on to the filament and pushes it for a few cm before it stops again. I wonder if this is an issue with the feeder grip, or something else. Does anyone have this issue?

On top of that, the hardware build quality is pretty superb, I’ll post a review once I get the filament feeder working :confused:


Hi @T_T,

Are you able to pull out the filament without force when loading filament is running? If not, kindly try pushing the filament to the end until filament emerges from the heating head, and directly go to the printing step. We will investigate possible reasons of this issue.



Yep, I tried. There definitely is resistance when I pull the filament back (I feel the feeding wheels moving with the filament). However, the filament still isn’t pushing through even when it emerges from the heating head. All hardware components seem to work just fine when 3D printing, except for the filament feeder.


What happens if you use the acceleration (press down gently on steel base)? Does the faster feeding make any difference or does the filament remain stuck?

Another thought, have you had a look at the leading edge of the filament tube? Has it perhaps become slightly crimped causing too much friction on the filament?


Acceleration doesn’t help. When I press the filament grip button down to release the tension, it’s very smooth and easy to push and pull on the filament, so right now I’m suspecting that there could be an issue with the motors responsible for pushing filament through.


HI Dear i’ve a problem, if the filament reach the end and the task i’nt not finshed, what i have to do so i can load new one?



the filament should stop somewhere in the feeding tube after the motor, just feed in another filament should be fine. However, I suspect that should could be a small gap between the old and the new filament. if this “gap” dispersed as a support / filling while printing, then you should not notice any glitch. but if it happened to appear on the outside of your print, there is a possible cosmetic look.

if you want a perfect print, you’ll probably pull out the old filament and insert the new one. the printing head should “hot” while you’re changing filament, so be careful~


So finally could you solve it problem…i have same problem that the feeder wheel don;t work…


Guys I got my FLUX and I finally got it to connect to Wifi and I’m connected from Windows but here is my problem. During the filament load stage the feed motor runs and makes 8bit modulation noises, and I can speed it up nicely by pressing the print bed. But IT DOES NOT MOVE THE FILAMENT.


I cut the filament and I was able to feed about 10cm of it through successfully. But now it’s jammed and I dont know how to disconnect the feed tube. Obviously I have to not have 10cm of loose filament inside that tube.

UPDATE: OK I think what was happening was the sharp tip i cut in the filament was just hitting a lip on the tube or something. i still dont think i have the tube on properly but i am able to unscrew the tube and troubleshoot this.

Feeds smoothly. Thank goodness.


The feed tube is held in place with PTC (push to connect) fittings. The ring that surrounds the outer portion of the fitting will push in, releasing the grippers. Push on the ring, gently but firmly pull on the tube and it should release properly.


G’day Flux Users,

If you have a look at some of my earlier reply’s on this issue, the filament feed mechanism has an inherent ALIGNMENT issue. In my case and from what other users have described, there is a need to add shims to align the feed pulley to the knurl driving wheel. In order to fix this, you will need to remove the top cover and insert the correct shim (I used two small washers) behind the pulley (see before/after pics).
MOST IMPORTANTLY, this mod also resolves the knocking feeder noises experienced by most during the print at some stage or another.
TIME: Takes about ~30mins to complete.

  1. Unscrew the Top Cover - 6 x screws located under the top plate - Must have correct tool.
  2. Remove Top Cover Feed Mechanism cap - It is held by two latches (front & back) and easy to pray off, but be gentle. Please also note that it incorporates the filament sensor and respective electrical connector, so be careful when removing. There is just enough wire lead to pull out and disconnect.
  3. Remove Top Cover and take note of the misalignment between the pulley and the knurl drive wheel.
  4. Unscrew the filament feed unit (2 x screws) and disconnect wiring as required (stepper motor + top cover sensor switch plugs).
  5. Remove the Push&Release Mechanism. This is held in place with a plastic clip (easy to remove but be gentle).
  6. Unscrew the screw holding the pulley and insert washer/shim required to properly align the Pulley to the Knurl Drive Wheel.
  7. Reassemble in reverse steps.

COMPLEXITY: LOW (just be careful with the electrical complementary)

Good luck, Alain


2+ years later checking out this post. Thanks for sharing @ALa068