Best Software for Delta+


Is Flux Studio the best or only software for Flux Delta Plus? Is the Linux version worth trying? In the experience of current users, What kind of hardware requirements are there?


Flux Studio is the only software for loading files onto the Delta and managing/monitoring it. There is the SDK and fluxclient python app, but they are just the backend stuff. There was supposed to be a command-line or ‘send to Flux’ type program that they were supposed to be working on, but everything is quiet on the software front ATM.

Linux version works pretty much the same as the windows version - and haven’t had any complaints with it, although I’m probably still on the 0.7.8 version on Linux. Hardware requirements… don’t think it was particularly demanding. Just be warned if you have low CPU speed or free RAM that slicing will take a very long time :wink:


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Thank you for the answer! I’m glad to hear that someone is using Linux.


I used the flux studio for a long time. Since two weeks I’m using cura ( to slice my objects. Of course, the flux studio is also using the cura engine, but I like the clean look of cura. It’s easier to change the advanced/expert settings an save different profiles.

In general you can use every slicer you want. Just export the sliced object as gcode and import the gcode to flux studio. As @pfeerick said, flux studio is the only way to load files to the printer.


Thank you for the replies. I will start with the Flux Studio then have a look at Cura down the road.


One of the disadvantage on using Flux printer is unable to connect a third party slicer software, which is S3D in my case, for direct printing. User have to use Flux studio to import gcode and print. It seems Flux communication is away from industrial standard like others.


Just got back from 3d printing meetup and most people there use S3D. They showed a printer profile for Flux Delta in software, but like said above still have to import to FS to actually print. Also can’t use S3D for burning,cutting options.


We finally put it together. The assembly was easy. We are not able to get the Wifi working yet. It connects by USB and then we can select the Wifi and enter the password. The get the Brilliant message which says to disconnect the USB but if we do Flux Studio cannot find our Printer. The Printer has a solid green light and I can ping and see the printer from another computer. It appears as raspberrypi.lan on the network but not in studio or in the router.

If we reconnect the USB we can select it and print. The USB is not stable, lots of disconnections. When I did manage to run the tutorial the sample loaded and I was able to print half of it before the filament feeder started making a noise and the print job had dry layers.

So it looks like a rough start. We are using the linux version of Studio.

Hopefully we will make some progress tomorrow.